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Priority 5 Faculty

Matt Benney Matt Benney, Associate Vice President for Academic Support, Sonoma State University. In addition to campus-wide responsibilities, he oversees 10 TRIO projects, including ETS, McNair, UB, UBMS and SSS projects. Priority 5 TRIO Training Principal Investigator and TRIO Trainer with 22 years TRIO experience. Expertise includes Higher Education Opportunity Act, EDGAR, OMB Circulars, budgeting, program management, and institutional relations.
Dr. Susan Brown

Dr. Susan Brown, New Mexico State University, Director Emeritus Ronald E. McNair Program, supervisor of SSS and UB

TRIO Trainer for 12 years and 15 tears overall in TRIO, expert on CAS Standards, adult learning, and mentoring.
Ping Chan Ping Chan, Retired after 41 years of service with University of California, Davis. 29 years with UC Davis, Upward Bound, 24 as Program Director. First year as TRIO Trainer with 29 years of TRIO experience.
Deltha Colvin Ms. Deltha Colvin, Wichita State University, Asst. VP Student Affairs, Supervisor EOC, McNair, SSS, TS, and UB programs TRIO Trainer for 24 years and an amazing 44 years in TRIO, expert on the law and regulations, program management, and needs assessment.
Philip Dirks Mr. Phillip Dirks, Portland State University, Director TS and UB TRIO Trainer for 12 years with 23 years in TRIO, expert on longitudinal tracking of students into college, New TRIO Staff, recruitment, and evaluation.
David Ferguson David Ferguson, Director of the Priority 5 TRIO Training at Sonoma State University, and retired Director of 3 UBs. TRIO Trainer for 27 years and 29 years in TRIO, expert in TRIO regulations, career and work experience programs, and English language learner programs.
Paula Martin Ms. Paula Martin, Harlem Center for Education, Director EOC and TS. TRIO Trainer for 24 years with 35 years dedicated to TRIO, expert on program management, needs assessment, and record keeping.
Dr. Ricardo Quintera Dr. Ricardo Quintero, Calif. State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Director of Upward Bound and Asst. Director of the Learning Resource Center. A new TRIO Trainer with 19 years of TRIO experience, also a Reading Computer Lab Coordinator for Los Angeles Unified School District for 8 years, and expert on language proficient students and disconnected youth.


Priority 5 Experts, Speakers, Advisors and Consultants

Barbara Duffield Barbara Duffield, Policy Director, National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth She began her involvement in homeless issues in 1990 as a tutor for homeless children. She subsequently joined the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) and served as Director of Education for NCH from 1994-2003, working closely with educators, service providers, federal agencies and Congressional offices to strengthen policy and practice on children’s issues. Duffield has conducted hundreds of trainings around the United States for school districts, community organizations, and local, state, and national groups to assist in the implementation of the McKinney-Vento Act. She is a frequently-quoted source in print media, and has appeared on television and radio news programs to discuss issues relating to homeless children. In addition, she has published several academic articles on policy and advocacy issues relating to the education of homeless children and youth. She is co-author of Educating Children Without Housing, published by the American Bar Association.
Jennifer Brown Lerner Jennifer Brown Lerner, Senior Director, American Youth Policy Forum She identifies and researches issues, policies, and programs for AYPF’s learning. She organized a series of forums on the role of career and technical education in high school reform. She has also co-authored a compendium on best practices in secondary-postsecondary learning options entitled The College Ladder: Linking Secondary and Postsecondary Education for Success for All.
  Kathleen McNaught, Project Director, American Bar Association, Center on Children and the Law Legal Center for Foster Care & Education She works in the areas of child welfare, implementation of federal legislation, and educational issues for foster children. She has extensive experience representing both children and parents in child abuse/neglect proceedings as well as advocating for families in educational matters.
Cassaundra Rainey Cassaundra Rainey, Vice President Region Services, Child Welfare League of America She hold a JD from Cornell University and advocates for children and youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, family disruption, and a range of other factors jeopardizing their safety, permanence, or well-being.
  Dr. Melinda Barnard, Vice Provost, Sonoma State University She is an expert on the impact of social networks on pre-teens, media influence on children, and the impact of iPods, phones, and the internet on socialization.
  Dr. Patrick Jackson, Faculty, Sonoma State University He is an expert on gangs and youth, electronic publishing, jails, and parole.
  Dr. Charlene Tung, Chair and Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Sonoma State University She is an expert specializing in gender and migration/immigration, gender and globalization, and gender, and race in popular culture.
  Dr. Gretta Volmer, Faculty, Sonoma State University Her expertise is in the fields of first and second language acquisition and teacher education.
  Merith Weisman, Coordinator for the Center for Community Engagement She is a specialist in service-learning, community research, public scholarship, and civic engagement.