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Smoking Policy

Recommended By: Ad Hoc Smoking Policy Committee
Approved: Ruben Armiñana, President
Date of Original Issue: August 19, 1991
Effective Date: January 27, 2003
Contact Office: Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Policy #1991-5


    This policy on University Signage applies to all university offices, auxiliaries, affiliates and related organizations and supersedes all preceding university policies pertaining to signs, posters and banners. These former policies are:

      Sonoma State University has a responsibility to its employees and students to provide a safe and healthful environment. Research findings show that smoking and the breathing of secondhand smoke constitute a significant health hazard. In addition to direct health hazards, smoking contributes to institutional costs in other ways including cleaning and maintenance costs and costs associated with employee absenteeism, health care, and medical insurance.

    It is, therefore, the policy of Sonoma State University to prohibit smoking in campus buildings and certain other areas of the campus where non-smokers cannot avoid exposure to smoke. Specifically, smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings, including classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, offices, work areas, study areas, reception areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, eating areas, lounges, and restrooms, and within twenty (20) feet of all campus buildings. Furthermore, smoking is prohibited in all partially enclosed areas such as covered walkways, breezeways, walkways between sections of buildings, bus-stop shelters; exterior stairways and landings. Smoking is also prohibited in all State vehicles. Smoking is permitted generally in outside grounds areas beyond twenty (20) feet of all campus buildings except at decks and patios associated with dining facilities or if it unavoidably exposes people entering and leaving adjacent buildings to smoke, or when it is explicitly prohibited during a particular event or activity scheduled in the area (such as in bleachers or row seating at Commencement or athletic events). Lit tobacco products must be extinguished, and tobacco residue must be placed in an appropriate ash can or other waste receptacle located outside of non-smoking areas. The sale or promotional distribution of tobacco products on campus is prohibited. In addition to instituting the above regulations, the University on an ongoing basis makes available to employees and students information about the effects of smoking and secondhand smoke and about smoking-cessation programs--primarily through the Personnel Office, the Student Health Center, and the Alcohol and Drug Education Program. Effective implementation of the Smoking Policy depends upon the courtesy, sensitivity, and cooperation of all members of the campus community. It is a normal and reasonable duty of all employees of Sonoma State University and its auxiliaries, and expected conduct by all students, to comply with this policy. The Smoking Policy applies to all campus buildings and grounds owned, rented or leased by Sonoma State University including the Residential Community, Student Union Building, Commons, and Physical Education/Athletics facilities. All members of the campus community--students, faculty, and staff--as well as campus visitors are expected to comply with the provisions of the policy. The policy is made known to members of the campus community and visitors through the University Catalog, posted signs, and notices in campus publications.

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