Selection Process for External Reviewer

Department faculty members select 3-5 potential candidates for the external review.

  1. Department chair provides the names, addresses, and/or email addresses to Academic Programs (Elaine Sundberg). She will then issue an invitation to the external reviewers.
    Alternatively, departments can do steps 2 and 3 on their own, if they wish.
  2. Interested candidates submit their cv and a cover letter or email indicating their interest.
  3. Academic Programs forwards the cvs to the department for review.
  4. The Department Chair provides the School Dean with their recommendations.
  5. Dean approves the choice for external review.
  6. Department notifies Academic Programs of their choice. Academic Programs invites the external reviewer for the dates specified.
  7. From this point on, the Department works directly with the external reviewer, setting up the itinerary, agenda, etc.
  8. The external reviewer is responsible for making his/her own travel and lodging arrangements. (We generally recommend flying to Oakland and taking the Airport Express to the Doubletree.) We also provide web links to driving direction to SSU.
  9. The agenda for the visit is arranged by the department and external reviewer.
  10. The external reviewer needs to meet with the School Dean and either the Provost or Vice Provost for an exit interview -- this must be scheduled at the end of the visit and is an opportunity for the Provost or Vice Provost to hear the observations of the external reviewer about the visit. Please make sure in advance of scheduling the visit that these individuals will be available on campus to meet with the reviewer.
  11. External reviewer also meets briefly with Academic Programs (Elaine Sundberg) to complete paperwork for payment. Payment of $1500 is processed and sent to the external reviewer upon receipt of the written review --preferably sent within 2 weeks of the visit.