Faculty Early Retirement Program

Tenured faculty and librarians age 55 or older may be eligible to participate in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP). FERP allows for a faculty member to retire and work up to 50% of their previous time base for up to 5 years. Their status, pay, and responsibilities remain the same as the time of entry into the program. A 50% FERP includes 12 units of teaching and 3 units of other assigned work. FERP involves many other details and specifics. For a more comprehensive description of the program, please see the CBA article, university policy, and/or informational outline provided below.

Informational Outline for FERP and Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base Program (PRTB)
Provides faculty general information regarding the FERP and PRTB (Payroll and  Benefits)

FERP - Request Form
Notification of intent to retire and participate in FERP

FERP - Request to Change Participation Form
To request a change to a previously approved FERP participation