How Do I Choose Which Living-Learning FLC Is Right for Me?

How are ACE, FYE and MOSAIC similar?

All three programs:

  • Provide assistance for students to take an active role in their successful academic and personal transition to college
  • Increase retention from freshmen to sophomore year
  • Increase student and faculty interaction outside the classroom
  • Situate students within a small academic learning community
  • Assistance in creating study groups in the residential community
  • Require a year-long commitment
  • Have an advanced student leader who assists in connecting the students' classroom and residential experiences
  • Create opportunities that foster residential, learning-based peer network

How are ACE, FYE and MOSAIC different?

Each ACE cohort takes 4-5 units together during the fall semester and 4-5 units together in the spring, with the same small group of 25 students. The number of units varies amongst ACE cohorts; UNIV 150 consists of two courses, UNIV 150A (5 units, fall) and UNIV 150B (4 units, spring): all 170 students meet once per week to listen to a one-hour lecture by an expert in a particular academic discipline, and plus four hours per week in their small 17-student seminar groups. MOSAIC students take 6 units together first semester and 4 units together second semester.
ACE cohorts are created based on academic major and/or interest; UNIV 150 emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach MOSAIC focuses on issue of diversity and social justice, not a specific major.
ACE students begin career exploration to determine if a major is right for them UNIV 150 provides a broad introduction to GE and a variety of academic disciplines MOSAIC students learn how understanding issues of diversity and social justice are beneficial to their professional pursuits
ACE requires students to complete a civic engagement project relevant to their academic field UNIV 150 requires students to complete a multimedia project related to a social or political issue MOSAIC students are required to complete a service project relevant to the theme of the community
Depending on ACE, may satisfy GE areas A3/C3/E, major requirements as well as elective credit requirements for a total of 8-10 units for the academic year FYE (UNIV 150) fulfills GE areas and A3 and C3 and elective credit requirements for a total of nine units for the academic year MOSAIC fulfills GE areas A3/C3, ethnic studies requirement, and elective credits, for a total of 10 units for the academic year.
Only Science & Technology ACE may require GE math readiness FYE has no test score requirements MOSAIC has no test scores requirements
ACE students live in Zinfandel Village FYE students live in Sauvignon MOSAIC students live in Zinfandel Village. For more information on housing prices please go to the Housing web site.

Which is right for me?

If you want to explore a particular course of study or career field, ACE might be a better choice; if you want to examine broad multidisciplinary issues through a variety of academic disciplines, FYE may be the better choice for you. If you would like to explore issues of diversity and social justice and how your academic, personal, and professional experiences will benefit from this exploration, MOSAIC might be your choice.