Graduate Studies Forms

There are two forms that are used by both your department and the Graduate Studies Office to verify your progress toward the degree. They can be dowloaded as Microsoft Word documents or as PDF files by clicking on the links below. Depending on how your browser is configured, the Microsoft Word forms will either open automatically in your browser window or be saved to your hard drive. They can then be opened in Microsoft Word. In order to view and print the PDF files, you will need to have the free application, Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you need Acrobat Reader, a link is provided to Adobe's download site.

The Advancement to Candidacy form (GSO-1) is filed when you near the end of your program and are ready to begin your culminating project. The point at which you file this form is determined by your program. This form describes the focus of your thesis, project, or professional paper, or verifies that you will be completing the program with the comprehensive exam or internship option. After this form is signed by your supervising committee and the graduate coordinator in your department, you should submit it to the Graduate Studies office where it will be reviewed by the Administrative Coordinator/Thesis Reviewer. Information about your change in status will then be forwarded to Admissions and Records.

Advancement to Candidacy form GSO-1 (Microsoft Word)

Advancement to Candidacy form GSO-1 (PDF)

The Completion of Requirements form (GSO-2) is filed when you reach the end of your program. For those who are completing the degree with an internship or comprehensive exam, it is filed during the last semester of attendance when the coursework has been completed, the internship has been completed and the comprehensive exam has been passed. For those completing professional papers, it is submitted when the papers have been read and approved. For those completing a thesis or project that needs clearance by the Graduate Studies Office, it is submitted with the copy of the project for review after the thesis has been defended and approved by the department faculty. The Completion of Requirements form is signed by the Chair of the Supervising Committee, by the Graduate Coordinator in the department, and by the Vice Provost or her designee.

Completion of Requirements GSO-2 (Microsoft Word)

Completion of Requirements GSO-2 (PDF)

Application for Award of Master's Degree

The Master's Degree Graduation Application is filed with the office of Admissions and Records according to the deadlines below. NOTE: If you apply to graduate but do not complete your program, you must re-apply for the next graduation date by filing a Graduation Changes Form. These forms can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking the links below.

Master's Degree Graduation Application (PDF)

Graduation Changes Form (PDF)



Deadlines for Filing Forms
Form: Submit to: Deadline:
Application for Award of Degree Admissions and Records
Salazar 2030
  • February 1, 2016 for May 2016 graduation
  • February 1, 2016 for August 2016 graduation
  • September 15, 2016 for December 2016 graduation
Completion of Requirements
Graduate Studies Office
Stevenson 1041

For those clearing final projects, submit with review copy of thesis or project:

  • May 6, 2016 for May 2016 graduation
  • July 8, 2016 for August 2016 graduation
  • December 2, 2016 for December 2016 graduation
Completion of Requirements
Graduate Studies Office
Stevenson 1041

For those completing with cognate, comprehensive exam or professional papers option:

  • May 13, 2016 for May 2016 graduation
  • August 5, 2016 for August 2016 graduation
  • January 6, 2017 for December 2016 graduation