President's Diversity Council

Graduating students of Sonoma State University are entering a globalized and multicultural society and economy, where cross-cultural understanding and communication skills are at a premium. Simultaneously, California faces an increasingly competitive global economy with a population undergoing major demographic shifts that will lead to a less educated workforce, unless proactive steps are taken to increase participation rates in higher education among traditionally underrepresented groups.

These two major trends are compelling reasons for Sonoma State University to make a concerted institutional effort to increase and enhance the diversity of our institution; to enrich the educational experience of our students and to improve access to higher education to all Californians. The dual objective is neatly captured in higher education's current formulation of diversity as Inclusive Excellence.

To help achieve this purpose, the President's Diversity Council was established in Fall 2008.

Charge to the Council

The Council is responsible for oversight and coordination of all diversity initiatives of the University, and is advisory to the president. In addition, the Council is charged with promoting diversity in three major areas:

  1. Outreach, recruitment, and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff
  2. Diversity in the curriculum
  3. Promotion of civility and multicultural competence in the campus community


Council representatives include the following:

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, ex-officio
  • Academic Senate Chair, ex-officio
  • President
  • Associated Students.ex-officio
  • Chief Student Affair Officer, ex-officio
  • One School Dean
  • One faculty member from each of the five academic schools
  • One faculty member from the University Library
  • Two students
  • Two staff members
  • Two community members 

Staff to the Council will include the Associate Vice President for Institutional Research, the Vice Provost, an administrator from Employee Services or Employee Relations and Compliance, and an Auxiliary organization administrator. Others may be selected as needed.

Term and Appointment

Membership is determined by executive appointment in consultation with the Provost, Chair of the Academic Senate and President of the Associated Students. Appointments are one year, renewable except in the case of ex-officio members whose terms are indefinite.

For questions about the President's Diversity Council, please contact Library Administration at