ATI Priority 2b Meeting Notes
March 20, 2007

Present: Brett Christie, Paula Hammett, Aidong Hu, Barbara Moore, Lea Schell, Bonnie Sugiyama, Carol Tremmel

Absent: Emiliano Ayala,


  1. Updates:
    • CSU IMA CoP conf call on March 16th
      • Main focus was on interpreting revised plan
      • Primary focus on IMAP items 1-4, given deadlines
    • ATI Statement to come from President ArmiƱana by March 30
    • Web demo of Fullerton text ordering tool yesterday. Brett to distribute archive url and post link in minutes at SSU ATI site.
  2. Discuss changes to CSU IMAP Self-Study (v3), as distributed by Mary Cheng on March 14th.
  3. Review of progress from last meeting, in terms of IMAP items 4-7
    • Presentation given to EPC regarding ATI as a whole (Brett)
    • Seemed to be well-received as an informational presentation
    • Beginning discusssions related to faculty training increase in fall
  4. Budget- Brett will find out more soon as to 07-08 faculty development budget. Can then plan for related sessions.
  5. Trained by whom- As related to budget, amount of training will depend on amount of staffing for IT and/or CTPD to do training.
  6. Further review and discussion of CSU IMA Self-Study document
    • Item 1.K asks about departments' long-term textbook adoption plans. Brett will seek clarification, as long-term adoption plans do not seem possible with publishers rolling out text revisions so quickly. Also, would be hard to ask a department to commit long-term, given other competitive texts and the right of a faculty members to choose a text for their course.
    • Item 4 (under Notes) says "encourage faculty with non-professional web development skills to use an accessible infrastructure." Most likely infrastructure would be Dreamweaver. We can encourage via more workshops and promotionals, but hard to gauge whether this is the most important area to place focus.
    • Item 6 is much further developed in this version and focuses on development of educational policies that will impact accessibility (instructional materials; syllabus policy; distance learning; hybrid courses; California Code 11135). How to move from an accommodation model to a universal design model.
    • Brett to talk to Elaine Sundberg regarding current format of Program Review and how these policies may become part of that. Brett to talk to EPC about current course and program development proposals and how they may account for the above.
  7. Professional Development Subcommittee
    • Making sure faculty development related to ATI is as priority
    • New Faculty Orientation- Discussed adding an additional day, recognizing that since it is before their start date, we should pay faculty for their time. Current suggestion is to have one day "traditional" and one day focusing on UDL and technology skills and resources (while incorporating ATI). Examples:
      • Universal Design for Learning (or at end of Day 1)
      • WebCT training
      • ATI training
      • Web development (Dreamweaver)
      • Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat
      • Textbook adoption
      • AY session(s) as follow-up regarding "Best Practices"
  8. Update regarding "Transforming Course Design Initiative." Brett working on a proposal to go through Provost, focusing on faculty development leveraging technology, while becoming trained in accessibility. One thought is to train a faculty group to use Pachyderm, develop resources, bring in a faculty member each (i.e., Teach-to-Each), then disseminate what they have developed and how it changed their course (with student data). Another idea discussed was to have a series of workshops focusing on Transforming Course Design through a series of technologies to be kicked-off at Orientation then continued with new faculty. Accessibility would be at the core here as well. Proposal would specify outcomes of each technology and how to Transform Course Design.

Upcoming Meetings

Steering Committee, Wednesday, March 22, 1-2:30p, DAR 101
Priority 2b, Tuesday, April 17, 1-2:30 pm in Stev 2046.