ATI Priority 2, Group 1 Meeting Notes
March 13, 2007

Priority Group 2, Items 1-3 Related to Instructional Materials

In attendance:  Brent Boyer, Brett Christie, Katharyn Crabbe, Anna Reynolds, Vanessa Franklin

Distributed:  CSU IMA Self-Study; Humboldt State Senate Resolution on Textbook Ordering; Fullerton Policy on Textbook Adoption

  1. Review SSU ATI website (
    • Input/questions from group re website
    • Katharyn-  Would be good to have additional information as to the process we are undergoing and who is involved (not just individuals, but existing groups and committees with which SSU ATI will collaborate)
    • Review schedule of meetings for remainder of Spring term
  2. Review from last meeting
    1. Where are we in terms of IMA Self-Study (items 1-3)
    2. Progress reflected in 2-27 minutes
  3. Discussion regarding scheduling of courses timeline and textbook ordering timeline (Fullerton textbook selection by faculty is 15 weeks prior to next term)
    • Update regarding moving adoption timeline up for Fall 2007 and beyond.  The following is a draft, of which discussion will be continued.
      • Fall 2007 (a pilot process)
        • April 18th book orders due
        • April 30th is Registration 1
        • August 6-10 is Registration 2
        • What about registered students with disabilities who miss Priority Registration?
        • Add statement to Admissions materials telling students if they need IMA accommodations, they need to meet with DSS advisor 6-8 weeks before the semester.
        • July 27th is 2nd registration opportunity for new transfer students
        • Aug 21 instruction begin
      • Spring 2008
        • Sept 10- Notice re scheduling to schools
        • October 15- First full draft of course schedule due to VF
        • October 15- Book orders due (first pass/dirty list)
        • Nov 12- Final schedule changes due to VF
        • Nov 26- Reg 1
        • Jan 28 instruction begins
      • Summer 2008
        • March 15 is due date for first book order list
        • Final book order list due March 30
        • First week of April is registration
        • First full week of June is instruction
  4. Focus on Humboldt Senate Resolution.
  5. Committee was in favor of Humboldt policy in context and wording.  Brett to draft a one-page statement for our committee to move forward.  Brett to meet with Vice Provost Carol Blackshire-Belay (ATI Executive Sponsor) regarding initiation of our text adoption policy and working with Senate.
  6. Online presentation from CSU Fullerton regarding their text adoption process.  Monday, March 19 from 8:30-10:30a
    1. URL for presentation:
    2. Call-in for audio portion of presentation: (888) 622-5357
    3. Password to be put into audio conference call:  921642
    4. Additional/repeat presentation date TBA (late Mar/early Apr)

Next Meeting
Tuesday, March 27, 1-2:30 pm in Stev 2046.