Steering Committee Meeting Minutes March 11, 2009

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General update
    1. Executive Sponsors conference call 02-12-09 (BEB, BC)
      The ESSC conference of Feb 09 focused on continuing discussion around the changing process for more effective ATI implementation in the CSU. Exec sponsors will be the conduit for submitting accessibility issues from their respective campus. A newly created ATI Leadership Council will establish priorities among the issues for attention at the central level. Campuses will develop ATI implementation plans based on their local resources and expertise. Documentation from the Feb meeting will be distributed to our ATI Steering group – lists of accessibility issues as identified in various venues and the priorities for Spring/Summer 09 for ATI central staff.
    2. Communication plan update (SK, et al)
      A dedicated page on ATI has been added to Newsbytes as a regular feature. The first issue was Friday, March 6th. The goal is to keep the accessibility issue visible and timely. Future topic: workshop details, FAQ file. Send ideas for items to Susan Kashack.
  2. Current status and efforts
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility)
      Barbara Moore reported that the University Web Team has been created and is now meeting and determining how to work effectively as a group. Did some internal training on website accessibility and will do an evaluation of a local website as an exercise. Barbara reported that the first outsourced web page (B & E’s wine business program) did successfully address accessibility principles, as directed. Dan Condron reported that the Web Advisory Committee, as proposed in the Web Accessibility Implementation Plan (WAIP), is being formed as we speak.
    2. Priority 2 (Instructional Materials Accessibility)

      Textbook reformatting for students in need: Scott Kupferman mentioned AccessText (Georgia Tech) an effort by publishers to submit to a database of accessible textbook titles. CAM [Center for Alternative Media] has helped create a CSU database of reformatted textbooks which is growing fast, now up to about 14,000 titles. Database access is currently limited to Disabled Services personnel. Future read-only access may be given to faculty, as a parallel resource in the adoption process. Cathy Kroll asked about dates for textbook adoption. See current guidelinesat Richard Senghas working with FSAC on a policy statement that will incorporate academic concerns as well as meet accessibility requirements.
      Bruce Carpe announced that IT is currently piloting two lecture capture products, MediaSite and Echo360; the latter is exclusively focused on the education market.These products provide video and audio recordings of class lectures but can also accommodate post-class captioning.These products also provide students with the option to search the transcript for specific terms they may want to review.The application requires little additional effort of the instructor.
      Brett has faculty currently joining the Academic Affairs project Enhancing Learning through Innovation, Support, & Technology (EnLIST). Bruce would like one additional faculty member to sign up for the pilot. Brett to follow-up with EnLIST faculty.

    3. Priority 3 (E & IT Procurement)
      Lynn Trainor reported on the VPAT database being developed in the CSU. There is more collaboration among CSU procurement people as they seek to identify vendors who meet the accessibility requirements. A VPAT (vendor product accessibility template) is required to be filled out by vendors for products above the $15,000 threshold. It is understood that some vendors do not take the accessibility disclosure seriously while others are recognizing the need to work towards this goal.
  3. Training opportunities
    1.  Remaining Spring 2009 workshop dates (see list from last meeting)
    2. Ongoing:
      Archived webinar:
      PDF for Beginners accessibility

      Online Web Accessibility training (from campus computers only)

  4. Workshops and Meetings (if any)

    This year’s CATS (Community of Academic Technology Staff) conference will be held online in response to the restrictions on travel.  The dates are May 6 - 8 for 2009.  Sessions determined to have high interest, including any on accessibility, will be streamed in 2019 which has been reserved for the conference dates.  Brett will send out more information later.

  5. Discussion of SSU accessibility issues
    Please send to Barbara and Brett your topics, issues, concerns to build an SSU list that will go to ATI central.  Several lists of issues that arose at various meetings and CSU groups in the Fall have been compiled by the CO ATI and were distributed through the Executive Sponsors.  These lists have now been distributed to ATI Steering Committee members (03-11-09).  Take a look to see if your issue is included.  This is an ongoing exercise.