Steering Committee Meeting Minutes March 17, 2010

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General update
    1. Announcements
      • Scott Kupferman selected as delegate for the National Summit on Disability Policy, one of 300 out of 1700 applicants, July, Washington, DC
      • Announcement of Universal Design for Learning workshop on April 20, 11-12:30, Schulz 2019, Inclusive Excellence through Universal Design for Learning: Workshop and Faculty Panel
      • Announcement of ATI Ask-the-Experts webinar on April 22 (announcement distributed) which will also feature UDL with Emiliano Ayala as primary presenter.
    2. Update from ATI Central, Executive Sponsors conference conversation, 03-11-10
      • Update on campus consultation process for draft of revised Coded memo – feedback thus far has been positive. Deborah Kaplan did remind all that the coded memo revision should not be interpreted as an opportunity to move backward
      • Update on self-assessment process and results – at this date, 4 campus self-assessments have been received with more in process; once all are received, there will be a summary report posted centrally
      • Briefing on OCR complaint against CO and plans for document accessibility – discussed a complaint by OCR around lack of accessibility of documents coming from the CO ATI office. The issue has gone to legal counsel and the ATI office must respond to the complaint. They are to come up with a plan on how they will rectify the distribution of documents that are not produced in accessible format – this applies mostly to pdf files. This has the effect of putting the Chancellor’s Office in a position to be a model for the CSU as a whole.
  2. Review draft of Revision to Coded Memo (distributing full text and summaries)

    Barbara provided a summary document highlighting the Goals, Principles, Implementation approach and Time Line from the Coded Memo Draft Revision v.2.6 (January 2010).
    The Implementation approach is where the main modifications have been made from the original Coded Memo.
    Also highlighted the progress time frames expected by the CO and the process of determining these baseline expectations.

  3. SSU ATI plan for 09-10
    1. Review of ATI plan (B. Moore, B. Christie, B. Butler)
      Barbara Butler, Barbara Moore and Brett have met and reviewed the October ’09 plan, determining that it should not require much revision. They will work on this and bring any changes to the next meeting. Still need to connect with the procurement office. Asked the committee to pass on any further input they felt should be included. Once signed off, the plan will be posted on the SSU ATI web pages.
  4. Current status and efforts (updates)
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility)

      Barbara M. reported that the Web Advisory Committee was meeting and the web policy was being reviewed and progress was being made.

      Barbara M. will also be part of a team that is redesigning the campus homepage and departmental homepages.

    2. Priority 2 (Instructional Materials Accessibility)

      The idea of emphasizing creation and adoption of accessible syllabi was reiterated. Cathy Kroll noted that she utilized the current template but said there were some confusing links associated with it and wondered if those could be worked out.

      Barbara M. mentioned SFSU has an Accessible Syllabus template that is “less static” than the one currently being offered here on this campus. This model would allow more flexibility in the design by providing more options for syllabi. However, adopting the SFSU model may take a while as it is more complex at the back end. In the meantime, Barbara Butler wondered if it would make sense for some of the faculty to work with Barbara M. to correct or improve any issues that are identified with the syllabus.

      Richard suggested that one way to start getting faculty on board with the syllabus is to make it a requirement in the RTP process or in the annual review process.

      It was suggested that a workshop on creation of accessible syllabi would be a good idea although as usual, resources (manpower and monetary) will be a challenge to providing one. Barbara M. suggested perhaps a few workshops could be offered in May.
    3. Priority 3 (E & IT Procurement)
      Still need to check in with procurement.
  5. Workshops and training

    ATI Professional Development for Accessible Technology

    SSU workshops listed on CTPD link

  6. Discussion of SSU accessibility issues
    The textbook adoption process was revisited. Anna Reynolds distributed a new draft version of the order form. All agreed that the new form is an improvement. A reminder that the bookstore does not necessarily order the number of books noted on the form but rather applies historical patterns to the number requested as many students procure their books elsewhere. It is important for faculty to communicate directly with someone in the bookstore on the number of books expected to be required at the beginning of the semester. Send feedback on the form to Anna Reynolds.
  7. Spring 2010 meeting dates, 10:00-11:00 a.m., Schulz 2019
    Wednesday, April 21, 2010
    Wednesday, May 19, 2010