Steering Committee Meeting Minutes April 9, 2009

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General update
    1. Executive Sponsors conference call 03-12-09 (BEB, BC)

      A brief summary of the call which focused on processes for doing business was distributed by email (03-12-09) to the ATI Steering Committee.

    2. CSU ATI Professional Development web site announced

      See draft of site at

    3. Communication plan
      1. Discussed need for a FAQ file that we might customize from those done at other CSUs – still on our TO-DO list
      2. Very good article was written by Scott Kupferman for the Star on the addition of accessible workstations in the Library; generated exchange that statements and quotes from students are most compelling promotion.
  2. Current status and efforts
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility)

      The SSU web team has been meeting and is working on evaluating a department web site as a team exercise and training example.  Barbara Moore observed that she has heard very little about the web accessibility priority from ATI central or other campuses and is curious about the status.  The Web Advisory Committee has held several meetings and will soon tackle the issue of setting priorities for campus web work.

    2. Priority 2 (Instructional Materials Accessibility)
      1. EnACT ~ PTD
        1. New CSU partner campuses selected (CSUMB, SLO, Stanislaus, Sacramento)
        2. New SSU Faculty Research Associate (Scott Severenson, Physics & Astro)
        3. New SSU Universal Design for Learning Faculty Learning Community
      2. Summer Accessibility Institute update (tentative)
        1. One-day training in early June (stipend given)
          1. General Accessibility overview
          2. Universal Design for Learning (Ayala & Christie)
          3. Creating Accessible Word Docs (Moore & Hayes; to be confirmed)
          4. Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations (Hayes & Moore; TBC)
          5. LecShare for modification of existing PowerPoint (Huang; TBC)
          6. Accessible HTML (Dreamweaver; Moore & Hayes; TBC)
          7. Assistive Technology (Kupferman; TBC)
          8. Accessible PDF as optional using CSU-Adobe webinars
        2. August 15th deadline (add’l stipend if outcomes met)
          1. Submit 1 accessible course syllabus
          2. Submit 3 UDL course changes
          3. Submit 3 accessible instructional course materials
    3. Priority 3 (E & IT Procurement)

      Ruth McDonnell reported that the procurement process is being refined for EIT procurement at a threshold of $15,000 or above.  Next step is to offer training for staff on campus.  

  3. Training opportunities
    1. One remaining LecShare Pro workshop:  4/21 from 12-1p in Schulz 2016C.  Or, contact  for individual session.
    2. Online training links
      1. Online Web Accessibility training (from campus computers only)
      2. University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies

        A freely-available online professional development training program


        Useful training resource via the website – look for the resource area called “508 Universe” which offers online course modules for free.  The specific link to the 508 Universe page is

  4. Workshops and Meetings (none reported)
  5. Discussion of SSU accessibility issues

    Reminder that anyone identifying an issue of concern that does not appear on the lists generated centrally (these were distributed in the past), be sure to let Barbara or Brett know so this can be passed along to ATI Central.

  6. Meetings ahead –

    Spring 09 meeting dates:
    Wednesday, May 13, 2009, from 10-11:00 a.m. in Schulz 2019

  7. ATI Steering Work Group will meet from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m.

    The group continued to discuss thoughts around an SSU ATI plan for 09-10 and beyond.  The group agreed on a deadline of May 13 (next ATI meeting) for a draft set of goals for each of the priority areas.  [Work Group is composed of Priority Area leaders, School representatives, DSS, Susan Kashack, Bruce Carpe – if anyone else is interested, please join in.