Steering Committee Meeting Minutes May 19, 2010

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General update
    1. Announcements - Brett Christie and Barbara Moore are unavailable for today’s meeting. Notes from the last meeting were sent to Steering Committee members along with copies of the most current SSU ATI plan, the Coded Memo revision, Ver.3, and an Overview of 508 Proposed Rulemaking. Barbara reminded everyone about the Webinar scheduled for Thursday, May 20, from 1 – 2 pm: Accessibility and Course Design Considerations for Instructors and Course Designers Using the MOODLE Learning Management System. This will be aired in Schulz 2019 for those who would like to join in. Brent Boyer reported that he is rewriting the position description for the DSS position vacated by Scott Kupferman.
    2. Update from ATI Central, Executive Sponsors conference conversation, 05-13-10: Barbara sent out the ATI Newsletter to SSU ATI members. She also distributed print and electronic copies of the documents available for viewing on the revisions to the Coded Memorandum. The highlights of the latest ESSC call were:
  2. ATI Executive Sponsors Conference Call - May 13, 2010

    Overview of plans for dissemination of new Coded Memo

    • Webinars being planned
    • Creation of packet of materials for use this Fall

    Summary of concerns from ATI Leadership Council

    • Concern that there is a perception “out there” that the revision to the coded memo suggests accommodation rather than accessibility – certainly not accurate and will be very evident when campuses report on their progress

    Briefing on impending launch of Instructional Materials COP (community of practice)

    • Captioning guidelines soon to be published
    • Continuing enhancement of the Professional Development website
    • Still need to know the names of campus ATI folks who are charged with IM initiatives – they will be identified as the core start-up group; send names to Keva and Deborah

    Briefing on procurement process for web automatic checking tool and outcome

    • System-wide agreement for a web-based compliance checking product is being sought; two top companies with good cost estimates will yield a savings of close to 40%; a selection is in process
    • Ball-park estimate will be sent soon to each campus and a response will be requested ASAP as the consortium cost will depend on numbers signing up; the more campuses, the better

    Announcement of publication of Enterprise Email Accessibility Report

    • Report being finalized addressing accessibility of enterprise systems such as Gmail; evaluating mail functionality only; findings are that Gmail is technically acceptable; more info in the report

    OCR complaint status

    • Issue was/is pdf accessibility; this is an issue intrinsic to the pdf format not the result of scanning
    • has raised the issue of whether the use of pdf format is really necessary in every instance
    • must be ready to provide alternative formats, if requested
    • will work on guidance regarding whether it is necessary to use pdf format as a default – right now this is an internal discussion at ATI Central; will develop information and guidance around the broad question; definition of what constitutes acceptable use of pdf
    • commitment to aggregating accessibility information on the ATI site; intend to focus on best practices, work-arounds, accommodation techniques
  3. SSU ATI Plan for 09-10, final review

    November 2010 is the due date for progress reports from individual campuses. ATI Central will then compile the information to make baseline recommendations for all. Deborah Roberts asked how we (SSU) are doing on our stated goals. She also said she appreciated the text book adoption date of April 15, and wondered if this would be the practice for the future. The response by Anna Reynolds is that the date will continue to change based on the finalization of the schedule of classes. This brought to light that continuing challenges regarding text book ordering dates/deadlines still exist. It was mentioned that the HEOA (Higher Education Opportunities Act) goes into effect on July 1 and it will contain new regulations around textbook adoption timelines.

    Three suggestions were made for possible additions to SSU’s ATI plan: Cathy Kroll suggested adding a goal to create a list of accessible software programs for faculty to easily check whether the programs they use are compliant. Brent Boyer also encouraged a recommendation that faculty impart to their students the importance of making their presentations accessible. An additional suggestion is to edit the plan to replace WebCT with either LMS or Moodle.

  4. Current status and efforts (updates)
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility) – Barbara Moore was not present but it appears that while the Web Policy and Standards are not completed, they are getting close.
    2. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility) – Brett was not present but Barbara observed that the Accessible Syllabus template may still have issues, probably around software versions. She felt that before the template is heavily marketed to faculty it would be important to find a solution for this. Once it is vetted, it will be important to make it easy to locate.
    3. Priority3 (E & IT Procurement) – A reminder that procurement thresholds are still at $15,000 and above.
  5. Workshops and training
    The ATI Professional Development website is a good starting place for self-training. See
  6. Discussion of SSU accessibility issues – Anna Reynolds was asked if she had any further comment on the status of textbook adoption but there was no more time for discussion.