Steering Committee Meeting Minutes October 14, 2009

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General update

    A communication plan for 09-10 will be developed with the assistance of Susan Kashack and will be distributed for comment by email.

  2. SSU ATI plan for 09-10

    The committee discussed the plan draft of June 2009, previously distributed, and offered comments and suggestions. Butler will update the draft and reissue to the Committee by email for signoff. This plan will guide actions for the year and will form the basis of progress reporting at a later phase. It will also serve to update the campus on ATI timelines and expectations.

    As part of the discussion, attention was called to the accessible syllabus template as a tool that should be promoted. It will be linked on the ATI web site in several places. Barbara Moore asked for committee members to test the template and report any difficulties to her (please mention the operating system, describe the problem and if possible, provide a screen shot).

    Also discussed around the issue of accessibility instruction and training, was a suggestion to provide some descriptors for faculty about specific training options in order to promote them – how, when, where, how long, instructional application, etc. – somewhat like an abstract.

  3. Current status and efforts
    1. Priority 1 (Administrative Web Accessibility)
      Web standards in progress may be viewed at
      Viewable only on campus with the following access IDs --
      Username = ati
      Password = ati
    2. Priority 2 (Instructional Materials Accessibility)

      Specific training and instruction dates can be viewed at (currently for Fall 2009).Butler to check with Christie about future offerings of the CAMP immersion workshop.

      The accessible syllabus template will be linked and promoted as part of the communication plan.

    3. Priority 3 (E & IT Procurement)
      Affirmed that the threshold for EIT procurement is $15,000 and above.

  4. Workshops and training

    Please promote to faculty colleagues the central ATI professional development website for accessibility instruction opportunities.  Refer to

  5. Discussion of SSU accessibility issues

    The timing of textbook and instructional materials adoption continues as a challenging issue because of the tension between pedagogical issues particularly in disciplines that depend on information currency and the needs, immediate and potential, for accessible formats. Views expressed will be gathered up by Butler and distributed to the Committee. The conversation with DSS about a deadline that could possibly meet both needs, somewhere in the middle, will continue. Richard Senghas is continuing to shepherd this issue through FSAC with a goal of bringing a policy draft to the Senate by the end of the academic year.

  6. Next meeting dates:
    Wednesday, November 18, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., Schulz 2019
    Wednesday, December 16, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., Schulz 2019