Steering Committee Meeting Minutes November 18, 2009

10:00-11:00am (Schulz 2019)


  1. General update
    1. Communication plan (Kashack, Butler, et al) We are providing short updates to all School department chairs this month with a focus on the accessible syllabus template.

      Suggestion for a series of short pieces in Newsbytes, beginning with the syllabus and continuing with a variety of definitions and tips – Barbara and Christine will work with Susan Kashack.  Also, a suggestion to feature workshops or information available through the ATI Professional Development website.

    2. Update from ATI Central, Executive Sponsors conference call on 11/12/09: Previewed the draft revision of the Coded Memo which is under discussion.  This is being developed by a Leadership Committee with a goal of distributing for comment at the beginning of the New Year.  Promulgation around June 2010.  Since it is under construction, the best approach may be to bring you the latest draft in February or whenever it is put out for public comment.  Recall that the goals remain the same but the implementation process will be driven at the campus level.
    3. Year 3 Reports and Self-Assessment, clarification.  Year 3 refers to academic year 08-09.  For the 08-09 academic year, no campus report is required.  However, campuses are strongly encouraged to conduct a self-assessment using some of the tools developed by ATI central.  Year 3 Outline of Goals and Indicators; plus self-assessment forms were provided.  Self-assessment reports are due in February 2010.   Propose that the three area leaders and the Chairs of the Steering Committee meet in late January 2010 to review the self-assessment format with a view to completing and submitting the report.  Campus reports for 09-10 academic year will be required to be submitted during 10-11, probably around November.  More information will be forthcoming in the New Year.
    4. We are strongly encouraged to revise original campus implementation plans to align them with current conditions.  The Year 3 Goals and Indicators Outline is very complete; should be incorporated and institutionalized; the Outline is distributed with these minutes.
    5. The procurement threshold will remain at $15,000.  Exemptions can be made with a plan to provide equally effective alternative access. 
  2. SSU ATI plan for 09-10 and campus self-assessment reports
    1. The plan has been widely distributed.  Suggestion to post the plan on the ATI web pages.  Discussed and agreed that a focus on encouraging use of the accessible syllabus template should be an achievable goal.  
  3. Workshops and training
    1. Spring 2010 workshop planning underway.  Shorter workshops may be easier for faculty to incorporate in their schedules.  One idea is to offer a workshop on using the accessible syllabus template which would provide a usable product as well as teach some basic accessible document creation principles.  Barbara Moore and Christine Hayes are working on ideas and dates.  Focus on those efforts that will contribute to the plan but are low- or no-cost.
  4. Discussion of SSU accessibility issues
    1. Based on comments by various committee members, it is clear that the process of textbook ordering at SSU is still confusing, separate from the adoption timelines issues.  Neil Markley observed that some of the issues appear to be campus issues rather than specific bookstore issues.  An example of confusion is the difference between ordering and reporting as the bookstore form does not clarify this issue.  There was a suggestion to expand the term “textbook” to encompass other instructional materials.  Richard Senghas observed that a system-level, centralized textbook process and database would be a very positive step, if feasible.  All agreed that regardless of constituency, it would be helpful to clarify the current process and develop a communication piece for the campus.
  5. Proposed Spring 2010 meeting dates, 10:00-11:00 a.m., Schulz 2019 
    1. Wednesday, February 17, 2010
      Wednesday, March 17, 2010
      Wednesday, April 21, 2010
      Wednesday, May 19, 2010