First Year Report - Repair Sample Summary - PDF


PDF Repair Sample - Repair Time
PDF Original Accessible? Repaired? Repair Time (minutes)
Summer 2007 Schedule of Classes no yes 45
Physics & Astronomy Brochure for Prospective Students no yes 120
Department of Physics & Astronomy Fact Sheet no yes 20
Organizational Development - Application for Admission no yes 180
Ex Ed - Propose a Trip no yes 15
Teach for Ex Ed no yes 60
About the ETC no no 30
[see note]
US Green Building Council Lecture Series no yes 30
What Can I Do With WGS? no yes 15
WGS Advisor Assignments yes NA 0
WGS FAQs no yes 15
WGS 394/499 Syllabus no yes 30
WGS Internship Possibilities no yes 30
Totals 1 accessible,
12 inaccessible
11 repaired 590 minutes

Note: after several attempts to make "About the ETC" content accessible using Acrobat accessibility tools, I determined that the file could not be made accessible without going back to the source document, which was not available.

Average repair time to repair a single PDF: 54 minutes