Web Accessibility Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2007

Present: Kathy Anderson, Brett Christie, Dan Condron, Peter Flores, Christine Hayes, Helen Kallenbach, Elaine McDonald-Newman, Barbara Moore, Samuel Scalise, Lynn Stauffer, Lynne Trainor, Jason Wenrick.

Absent: none


  1. Approval of minutes from 2/5/2007
  2. SSU ATI website
  3. Coded Memo AA-2007-04 changes Priority 1 deliverables
  4. Web Accessibility Policy
  5. Other


Approval of Minutes

Lynn Trainor pointed out an error in the original minutes, which has been corrected.

SSU ATI Website

Barbara has created a website for dissemination of information related to the ATI. The address is: http://www.sonoma.edu/accessibility/. The address for Priority 1 information is http://www.sonoma.edu/accessibility/web/. At this time, there is no content related to Priority 2 (instructional materials) and Priority 3 (E&IT procurement), but those subcommittees can use the site if they wish, either by contacting Barbara to set up access, or sending her the materials to post.

Coded Memo AA-2007-04 Changes Priority 1 Deliverables

The recent coded memo replaces the required web accessibility policy with a formal, broader communication from the University President to campus faculty and staff, voicing the "importance of ensuring access to information technology and resources to individuals with disabilities" and the "shared responsibility for comping with the requirements" in the areas of web accessibility, instructional materials accessibility, and electronic and information technology procurement.

The subcommittee agreed that the campus should have a policy for web accessibility, and that it could be included as part of an update to the University's Web Standards and Usage policy. This policy was being updated by the campus Web Team in 2004, but the draft policy was not completed.

Web Accessibility Policy

The subcommittee reviewed the first draft of the Web Accessibility Policy and made several changes. Most of the changes were made to clarify the definition of University website and web content, and to remove information that should be in the implementation plan instead.

Action Item: Barbara will incorporate the changes and distribute to the subcommittee for review. (See Policy Draft 2)

Action Item: Sam and Barbara will draft a campus web policy which includes the updated web accessibility portion and bring to the committee for review.


HiSoftware AccMonitor should be available in the next 1-2 weeks.

The subcommittee will need to begin work on the Web Accessibility Implementation Plan and the First Year Web Report. Both of these topics will be on the agenda for the next subcommittee meeting.

Action Item: At the next meeting, Barbara and Christine will recommend a list of sites and pages that should be included in the First Year Web Report test. (See list of Pages to Test Draft)

Future Meetings

Next meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 2, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.