Admissions Appeal Process

If you have been notified that you were denied admission to Sonoma State University, please take a moment to review the CSU eligibility requirements and your To-Do List for your specific deficiencies.

Every denied application has been reviewed for maximum consideration. It is our hope that you continue to strive to meet the CSU eligibility requirements and that you apply to Sonoma State University for a future term. You may request further consideration through our appeal process for academic deficiencies and/or missed admissions deadlines.

When filing an Admission Appeal Request form, you must submit information that demonstrates your potential for academic success at the University. Therefore, for an appeal to have merit, it must bring to light new academic information. If you feel that you have information that will change this decision, please follow the detailed instructions for submitting an appeal listed below.

  1. Fill out the Admissions Appeal Request form, requesting that we reconsider your application within 15 business days from the receive date of your denial letter.
  2. Your letter must clearly outline your reasons for appealing the initial decision and a detailed plan for completing the missing requirement(s). The information you present should be new and compelling.

Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by a committee and due to enrollment constraints will be considered on a space available basis. All decisions are considered final and we encourage applicants to consider all available educational options.