Academic Announcements

Still undecided with which major to declare?

This class is for you, the undeclared student!

University 237
Career-Life Planning

This one unit elective will assist you in finding and declaring a major. Through a series of career assessments, researching careers and majors this course is a must for a second year student unsure of major direction or wants help declaring a major. The course is currently open, but seats will be full once it is offered to Freshman this summer. Grab a seat now before it fills!


Section #1 (4086) ,Tuesday 3pm-4:50pm
Section #2 (4087), Tuesday 3pm-4:50pm
Sections #3 (4088), Thursday 3pm-4:50pm
Section #4 (4089), Thursday 3pm-4:50pm

Don’t be caught as a student with 60 units and no major!

The Undeclared Advisors
Edie, Janet, Khou and Vanessa

Deadline For Fall 2014

Declaring an Impacted Major?

Psychology Sept. 19th
Business Administration October 10th
Kinesiology October 15th
Environmental Studies & Planning Oct 1st - Oct 24th
Communications Early Oct.
Human Development No deadline
Biology No deadline
Nursing Information Sessions Fri. Oct. 24th 5-7pm
Fri. Dec. 5th 5-7pm
@Darwin 103

*Visit the department and department webpage for additional information and check in with an Undeclared Advisor.