We have everything from celebrity appearances to festivals and wild cat shows, you will not be disappointed!

The Big Cat Show

Tuesday December 3, 7pm Student Center Ballroom B

Come out and see wild cats, including leopards, cheetahs, bobcats, and cougars! The goal of the Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund is to educate the public about the decreasing population of wild cat species around the world, provide funding for worldwide wild cat conservation projects, and offer safe refuge for captive wild cats. This show is for audiences of all ages so everyone can learn, first hand, about these amazing cats that share our planet with us and what all of us can do to help save these magnificent animals from moving toward extinction. Come early for a good seat, this event always sells out!

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AIDS Awareness Week

December 2nd - December 5th

Aid for AIDS/Africa-Monday December 2, 7pm Student Center Ballroom B

AID for AIDS/Africa seeks to address the disproportionate numbers of people of color throughout the world living with HIV/AIDS. Aid for AIDS/Africa’s goals are to educate Africans Americans and African concerning AIDS prevention and treatment, and to help in extending the lives of those affected by this disease, using the methods of education, collaboration, and support in universal access to medical treatment. Most of their work is in the Bay Area however they make annual humanitarian missions to Africa. AFAA was founded by Maurice Graham who shares his own HIV status as an example of living well as an inspiration to others in the community and abroad. In support of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week .

"Living With AIDS" film showing-Tuesday December 3, 7pm Student Center

Sorious Samura, a European journalist of African descent, volunteered to work as an orderly in a hospital in Zambia. The majority of the hospital's patients are HIV positive. Confronted daily with death, he describes his workplace as being like a frontline war zone. The staff works under horrendous conditions where protective gloves are a luxury and shrouds for the dead are stained with the blood of previous corpses. Samura exposes the untold story of AIDS; how poverty and the complex nature of African culture and sexuality are hampering efforts to eradicate this horrifying disease. After one month, he is left with the realization that if the war against HIV in Africa is to be won, poverty, ignorance and African sexual attitudes have to be tackled in the bluntest possible manner.

Show Your Support-Wednesday, Dec. 4- All day

Wear Red for HIV/AIDS Awareness Wednesday.

Free HIV testing – Thursday December 5, 9am -12pm Student Health Center

free anonymous HIV testing will be available at the Student Health Center.

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ASP Free Bowling Nights!

Free to ALL SSU students with student I.D. 10PM-12AM

  • Dates
    • September 5th
    • October 3rd
    • November 7th
    • December 5th

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