Club Mailboxes

Club Mailboxes are located in the CSLIS office, in the Sonoma Student Union. Sports Club Mailboxes are located in the Recreation Center. Your Club Mailbox is a very important part of being a chartered club on campus. This is the primary method of communication with club members. A variety of paperwork from the Business Office is placed in these mailboxes including, but not limited to:

  • Club Deposit receipts
  • Expenditure Vouchers- needing more information before being processed.
  • You will see a pink club communication form with a specific request for us to write the check.
  • The club's copy of both Club Account Expenditure Vouchers and Club GRANT Expenditure Vouchers so clubs know what checks have been written and how they were delivered.
  • Approvals for Grant requests.
  • Month-End account balances, available between the 1st and 5th of the month.
    • NOTE: Your club mailbox is the way the ASI Business Office communicates with your club. Chartered clubs should be checking their mailboxes weekly.
    • Sports Clubs have their mailboxes at the Rec Center.