Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact a Sports Club to get more information?

A. Go to the Sport Club website and click on Sports Clubs. On that page it will have a contact list for all of the Sports Clubs where you can email individual members.

Q. Where is the Sport Club office located?

A. the Sports Club Office is located at the Recreation Center on the 2nd Floor.
Contact: Mike Dominguez
Sport Club Coordinator
Phone: 664-3391

Q. What are the main differences between Sport Clubs and athletics?

A. Sport Clubs are Student run Organizations. They practice and compete against teams locally, regionally, and nationally.

Q. What are the benefits for being a Sport Club?

A. The benefits for being in a Sports Club are that the Club gets to reserve a space on campus and Sports Clubs receive access to funding from Professional Development Opportunities.

Q. Are there tryouts for Sport Clubs?

A. Some sports do require tryouts. For more competitive sports there are usually tryouts because there are only a certain number of players on the court/field. For sports without maximum number requirements there usually aren't tryouts. The best way to find out is to contact the President from that club.

Q. How do I join a Sports Club?

A. To join a Sports Club, contact the President from the club of interest. You can get this information by going to the Sports Club Contact list on the Campus Recreation website. Then you would have to sign a waiver before playing and participating.

Q. How do I start my own Sport Club?

A. You can go to the Campus Life Clubs website or contact Mike Dominquez.
Sport Club Coordinator

Q. Are there any mandatory meetings?

A. Every year there is a chartering meeting for ALL clubs. Sport Clubs have a mandatory meeting once a month. Meeting occurs the first Thursday of each month at noon. Missing meetings will result in fines, suspensions, or possible loss of charter.