The AS Promotions Team is a group of student volunteers who promote the programs and services of the Associated Students, Incorporated at Sonoma State University. The Promotions Team will be responsible for conducting various marketing and public relations campaigns throughout the year.

As a Team, members will work collaboratively to create dynamic promotional materials, which may include posters, brochures, banners, social media, advertisements, announcements and press releases. Team members will actively promote AS programs and events through direct (tabling, class-raps, club/organization meetings) and in-direct (e-mails, posters) marketing methods.

The AS Promotions team is a new initiative as part of an effort to market and promote ASI in new and creative ways. Members will gain first-hand insight into the organizational workings of AS and its programs and services.

Members will

•“hit the streets” to get the word out to Sonoma State University Students
• Staff events for AS programs and services
• Promote involvement in AS programs and services
• Foster campus life and involvement at Sonoma State University.

Promotions Team Requirements

•Be a currently enrolled SSU student
• Attend weekly Promotions Team meetings
• Actively participate as a member of the Promotions Team

If you are interested in becoming part of the Promotions Team, please contact Jason Fitzer