Welcome to 25 Live!

Over the past 14 years the office of Conference & Event Services has utilized the traditional "webviewer" to provide information to campus by being able to look up individual spaces and to see a long list of events going on throughout campus. Much of the feedback we received was that the old webviewer was a bit outdated and didn't allow people to adequately view information that they needed to find. With that having been said we're implimenting 2 new components to calendaring that we think you'll find incredibly useful.

On the right side of this screen you see many different calendars that you have the ability to click on. With the exception of the "Community Calendar" all of these calendars are populated by the people putting on these events (or the events office thinks that they should be on the calendar). This means that instead of just a list of all events, you'll be seeing events categorized based upon what people want you, the public to see. Take a look at the functionality as you'll be able to add events to your personal calendar, send info to a friend, or be reminded about events via email or text.

Secondly, we've implimented a "live" web based version of the scheduling software on campus. People will have the ability to request space and edit their own events electronically instead of through the traditional paper forms that we've all come to know and love. This will also allow those creating events to choose which of the calendars listed on the right that they'd like their event to show up on. We're going to be rolling the request function out to the student organizations on campus first so as to catch any issues before giving request access to the rest of campus. (Many of the student groups change leadership every semester so there should be less having to come back to users with changes and confusion).