Around The World From Home, Presents The White House Tour With Barack And Michelle Obama

Nov 29, 2020 , 12:00am - 11:00pm
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Since President Obama's first day in office, when he and the First Lady surprised and welcomed visitors enjoying the public tour of the White House, the Obamas have been focused on truly opening the doors of the "People's House" and making 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue more accessible to all Americans. Today, we are excited to roll out a new phase in this ongoing effort, an online 360 degree tour of the public rooms of the White House.

“Thousands of people have walked these halls and gazed at the artwork. They’ve examined the portraits of Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy. They’ve imagined the history that’s unfolded here. And now you can do all of that without leaving your home. So go ahead, look around, enjoy the history and the beauty of these rooms. Because after all, this is your house, too,” said the First Lady in a video announcing the White House's participation in the Art Project, which uses Google's Street View technology to enable visitors to navigate through the rooms on the ground and State floors, and view the art and furnishings in high resolution.

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The White House with a fountain shooting water in the front surrounded by red flowers
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November 29, 2020
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