Twelfth Night

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Mar 28, 2018 , 7:30pm
Evert B. Person Theatre
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“What country, friends, is this?”

Shipwrecked by a storm, a pair of twins wash ashore not knowing if the other survived. Cross-dressing as a boy servant, Viola finds work for a wealthy Duke, but soon falls in love with him. The lovesick Duke is desperate to win the heart of the beautiful yet aloof Olivia, sending the “boy servant” to deliver his love letters. Things get messy when everyone (including Olivia) falls for “the boy” and long-lost twin brother Sebastian shows up. Twelfth Night has it all – romance, mystery, and plenty of high court shenanigans in this outrageous, zany Shakespeare classic.

What makes Shakespeare’s plays ripe for such madcap interpolations is their very capaciousness of spirit. The comedies, especially, offer a vision of the world that encompasses humor high and low, hints of melancholy and even tragedy, songs of sadness and joy, and romance by the bushelful. Nothing and no one is out of place in the world Shakespeare brought forth from his imagination, because that world remains an illuminating mirror of the one we live in.” – The New York Times

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March 28, 2018
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