Yacoub (Coub) Totah

Attended: National Holistic Institute, Emeryville, CA
Graduated: May 2002
Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Chair massage
Continuing education: N/A
Testimonials: "Coub is a great Massage Therapist! I went to him as an endurance athlete (running and cycling) with some really tight muscles. He was able to help me loosen up and continue to train as hard as I wanted to."

I work very in depth. I will work a specific area for you. I like to work a deep massage to get the knots out, but will do medium-firm if necessary. I love massage because of the feeling you get when you finish. The look in the client’s face says it all. You’re helping a person feel better, that’s satisfying.


Lisa Propoggia

Attended: National Holistic Institute, Petaluma, CA
Graduated: December 2013
Modalities:Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, MFT
Continuing education: Degree in Psychology and Business at Sonoma State University

Lisa has always been passionate about health and wellness and was trying to find a path that encompasses these interests. She loves being able to benefit the body holistically through massage. She uses a therapeutic approach with each massage to allow a relaxing experience with her technique. Lisa also loves specific work to decrease pain and tension for all of her clients.

Alegre Fowler

Attended: National Holistic Institute, Petaluma, CA
Graduated: December 2013
Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue with emphasis on Trigger Points, and Sports Massage
Continuing education: NHI Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy – Emeryville, CA

Alegre believes that everyone can benefit from massage in their lives. Many people suffer silently with pain that can be released with an anatomically specific approach that she enjoys offering to her clients. With a focus on trigger points and their referral patterns throughout the body, Alegre’s goal is to provide effective relief from both new and chronic issues.