Personal Training

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Valid SSU Student ID or Recreation Center Membership required for program participation.

Fitness Packages

Personal Trainers will utilize the Fitness Assessment along with medical history and individual goals to design, implement, and monitor a fitness-training program.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training Choose your buddy - Train for a fraction of the price! Designed for 2-5 participants, Small Group Training offers the experience and benefits of personal training for those short on motivation and cash

Small Group Training Prices
Number of Sessions Price
3 Small Group Training Sessions $90
6 Small Group Training Sessions: $156
Additional Small Group Training Sessions $30

One-on-One Session Pricing
Number of Sessions Price
3 One-on-One Sessions $75
6 One-on-One Sessions $138
9 One-on-One Sessions $189
12 One-on-One Sessions $240
Additional Personal Training Sessions $25


Fitness Assessment:
This full assessment includes body composition, blood pressure measurement, aerobic fitness analysis, simple range of motion test, and muscular strength and endurance assessments.  $25
Body Composition Assessment:
This assessment utilizes skin fold calipers to measure percent body fat vs. lean mass.  Results are interpreted and recommendations are made as necessary. $10
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