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The mission of the Sonoma State Hockey Club is to bring roller and ice hockey to as many people as possible no matter how much experience in the sport they have. We currently have twenty-one members, some of which have played for many years as well as some who have just picked up the sport. We are a competitive team but we never turn anyone away. This is because we have two teams. The first is for those students who want to have a competitive game. Our second team is more for students who are not quite at the A-Team level and want to get their skills up to a level where they can play on our first team. Both of our team compete in the WCRHL (Western Colligate Roller Hockey League). Our A team competes in Division II and our B team competes in the B Division.

We practice 2 to 3 times a week during the season, which lasts from October through March. Each player must provide his or her own equipment.


Alex Agar