Rugby Club

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A club made exclusively for the reason to create a community that is excited for sports and to give students an opportunity to play rugby on campus and to compete competitively around the state. .

= NSCRO		NorCal Collegiate D2 Rugby Conference (Playoffs:USARD2/NSCRO)							= USARD2		Maritime	UOP	CSUMB	Sonoma	USF (B-side)	SacCity	Humb	StMarysJan	19					Host StMarys?			@USF?	26	Bye	Sonoma	@Humb	@UOP	@UOP vs Sonoma-B	@StMarys	CSUMB	Sac City (w/O Club)Feb	2	@SacCity	@CSUMB	UOP	StMarys	@CSUMB vs CSUMB-B	Maritime	Bye	@Sonoma	9	Vegas 7s (NONE)								16	Sonoma	Humb	SacCity	@Maritime	@Maritime vs Maritime-B	@CSUMB	@UOP	Bye	23	UOP	@Maritime	@StMarys	Humb	@SacCity?	USF	@Sonoma	CSUMB (w/UCSB)Mar	2	@CSUMB	SacCity	Maritime	Bye	@CSUMB vs CSUMB-B	@UOP	StMarys	@Humb	9	StMarys	@USF?	@Sonoma	CSUMB	Host UOP?	Humb	@SacCity	@Maritime	16	@Humb	@StMarys	Bye	@SacCity	@SacCity vs Sonoma-B	Sonoma	Maritime	UOP (w/SDSU)	23	NSCRO "California Cup" @Maritime								30	Easter (NONE)							April	6	NSCRO Pac/West Tourney in Denver, CO (+ squads welcome to schedule 'Friendlies')								13	(NCD2CRC) NorCal Collegiate D2 Collegiate Conference Tournament @CSUMB (All teams welcome +Playoff squads, 20,30min halves?)								20	Regional USAR - NorCal HAS D2 Playoffs Auto Bid + most likely 2nd team Bid-in								27	Final 4 NSCRO, Glendale,CO ----&---- USAR Round of 16							May 	4	None								11	USAR Semi and Finals									3 away	3 away	3 away	3 away 		3 away	3 away	3 away		3 home	3 home	3 home	3 home		3 home	3 home	3 home		WE ARE CLEARED BY NSCRO AND USAR D2 - ALL SEASONAL SCHEDULED GAMES WILL COUNT TOWARDS BOTH PLAYOFF SYSTEM BIDS																		Teams with B-sides playing in B-side standing with USF are CSUMB, Maritime, Sonoma.									Teams will have B-match results reported. 									B-sides will have playoff tourney 4/13 @CSUMB									USF will be coordinated and decided by Coach Kevin Linzey -									Italics and Underlines are B-side or non-standing matches																		For squads not advancing to NSCRO or USAR, more matches can be played (or of course outside D2) in late March/April

Game Schedule: