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The Women's Ultimate Frisbee club, D'vine, is a competitive athletic team that travels around California playing Ultimate Frisbee! Almost every player learns how to play ultimate once they join the team, so its a great opportunity to learn and compete in a new sport. It is a very inclusive sport and tons of fun! We have practices throughout the week, but if you want specifics feel free to e-mail us! Ultimate is a great sport and we would love to see your face on the field! :)

We compete against many teams such as Stanford, UCLA and Cal. We even play teams from out of state such as University of Washington, University of Michigan and Florida State University. The team travels on weekends to different tournaments, playing up to 8 games over the two days. In 2012, D'vine traveled to the National Championships in Boulder, Colorado for the first time and took 15th in the nation. We are always working hard to improve and be the best ultimate team that we can be! 


Womens Ultimate Spring 2013 Schedule

Santa Barbara Invite Jan 26-27th (UCSB)

President's Day Invitational Feb 16-18th (UCSD)

Stanford Invite March 9-10th (Stanford)

Sectionals Date and Location Unknown (TBA)

Regionals May 4-5th (UCSB)

Nationals May 24-27th (Madison, Wisconsin)

Contact Information

Web: http://www.wwll.com

Twitter: DvineUltimate

Facebook: Sonoma-State-Womens-Ultimate

E-Mail: dvinecaptains@gmail.com

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