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Career Minor

Programs offered
Career Minor in Arts Management
Career Minor in Health Systems Organizations
Career Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language

Career Minor in Arts Management / Career Minor in Health Systems Organizations / Career Minor in Women's Health

The career minors program allows students from a variety of majors to pursue a coherent sequence of courses in order to acquire insight into the ways the undergraduate degree may be applied in particular careers. Each career minor culminates in an internship giving the student practical experience in the field.

Information about a career minor may be obtained from the faculty advisor. Students interested in pursuing a career minor should plan well in advance in order to integrate the course work into their plan of study.

Career Minor in Arts Management

The career minor in arts management provides students of the arts with education, training and experience in the practical, business side of their field. Art history and art studio majors completing this career minor will be in much stronger positions to find work and support themselves in fields within or closely related to their majors. The career minor in arts management may also be combined with any other major, provided that the student also completes at least a minor in art history or art studio.

Internships are available at local and regional art galleries, museums, non-profit organizations, and other groups that provide services in the arts.

Program Advisor

Michael Schwager, Art Gallery
Art Building 101
707 664-2295

Requirements for the Career Minor in Arts Management

To earn the career minor in arts management, students must complete the following 21 units:

Business, computer, or other related courses to be determined by the program advisor: 9-12
ArtH 312 Principles of Arts Management 3
ArtH 494 Gallery and Museum Methods 3
ArtH 499 Internship 4
Total units in the minor core 21

Students in the arts management career minor must also complete at least a minor in either art history or art studio.

Career Minor in Health Systems Organizations

The health systems organizations career minor is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with an opportunity to focus on either of two significant dimensions of health care: technical and managerial problems, or preparation for direct service. The minor outlines a course of study within a liberal arts framework that provides each student with a basic understanding of: 1) health systems as significant social, cultural, and economic institutions within society; 2) cultural relativity in views of health and illness, and 3) the social and psychological implications for those who are served by health systems.

The supporting courses will be chosen with the assistance of the faculty advisor to prepare the student for specific career objectives. The health systems organizations minor complements a number of traditional majors, such as business administration, nursing, psychology, sociology, AMCS, and political science, in addition to programs in gerontology, women’s studies, and medical anthropology. This career minor will increase the employment opportunities in the health field of students from the above majors and programs. The minor also provides an excellent background for those who plan to obtain graduate professional training in fields such as medicine, social work, and public health.

Program Advisor

Susan Hillier, gerontology program
Stevenson Hall 3075
707 664-2411/2586

Minor Core Requirements

Course selection is pending; please see advisor for details.
AMCS 432 Health and Culture 4
GERN/SOCI 452 Health Care and Illness 4
GERN 499 Internship 4
Total units in the minor core 12

Minor Electives

Students must consult with faculty advisors to select 8 units of related elective course work.
Total units in minor electives 8
Total units in the minor 20

Career Minor in Women’s Health

Women’s health is a large and growing area of research and policy interest in the United States. The curriculum is organized toward enhancing the student’s opportunities for employment in healthcare and other settings. The program is highly suitable for those interested in careers as nurses, physicians, counselors, therapists, public health workers, research analysts and policy makers, and in other fields.

The career minor in women’s health is designed to provide students with interdisciplinary course work, training, and work experience in the politics, practice, and experience of women’s health. Career needs of both health care providers and liberal arts and sciences majors are addressed by the program.

Program Advisor

Cindy Stearns, Women’s and Gender Studies
Rachel Carson Hall 32, 707 664-2708/2840

Minor Core Requirements

WGS 280 Women’s Bodies: Health and Image 3
NURS 480 Sexuality, Health and Society (3) or
WGS 350 Gender, Sexuality and Family
Practical Application 3-4
WGS 499 Internship in Women’s Health Setting (4) Prerequisite: senior standing) or
NURS 425 Senior Clinical Study
(Prerequisite: nursing major. Must choose a setting related to women’s health)
Total units in the minor core 9-10


All electives must be health (including mental health) related. When the health course does not explicitly deal with women’s health, students are expected to do their term papers and projects on women’s health issues and to be prepared to share these course materials with the program coordinator.

Suggested Electives

AMCS 432 Health and Culture 3
GEOG 396 Medical Geography 3
GERN 300 Basic Gerontology 3
GERN 408 Transitions in Adult Development 4
NURS 340 Health and Illness in the Expanding Family 4
NURS 360 Community Health Nursing 3
PSY 404 Psychology of Women 4
PSY 454 Biofeedback and Somatic Psychology 4
SOCI 452 Health Care and Illness (cross-listed as GERN 452) 4
WGS 301 Women's Health Lecture Series 1-2
WGS/NURS 495 Special Study Research on Women’s Health 1-4
Total units in electives 10-11
Total units required in the minor 20

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