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Spotlight: Community & University Partnership Chris Castagna & LandPaths

Spotlight: Community & University Partnership Chris Castagna & LandPaths The Center for Community Engagement prioritizes academic community engaged initiatives that promote sustainability and multicultural competence/diversity with a focus in Roseland. Dr. Chris Castagna of Sonoma State University's Department of Geography and Global Studies and the local non-profit organization, LandPaths, in partnership with the City of Santa Rosa, collaborate on a project that provides green space to people in Roseland. This project demonstrates an ideal example of what a reciprocal experience in service-learning should be -- that is, both the...

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Community Engagement Through ENSP Service-Learning

Community Engagement Through ENSP Service-Learning "I've sort of lucked out in being able to get into the field that I've always envisioned myself to be in, right after school," says Kara Doolin, 2010 graduate.Doolin, Environmental Studies and Planning major, visited the Estero Americano Land Trust property with Dr. Caroline Christian's service-learning Restoration Ecology class to collect data in the fall of 2009. She also met and worked with stewardship project manager Shanti Wright, and the partnership was a nice fit. She applied for and got...

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What is Academic Service-Learning?

Academic service-learning is a pedagogy, or teaching method, that utilizes community service projects within the context of an academic course. Academic service-learning distinguishes itself from internships and other credit-bearing community experiences in several ways. First, the community experience is a component of an academic course, used as a "text" for student learning. Second, service-learning projects are designed in partnership with community to meet an expressed community need. Third, a structured reflection activity is utilized to help students understand how their...

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