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Spotlight: Faculty Experiences with Service-Learning

Spotlight: Faculty Experiences with Service-Learning Dr. Farid Faramand implements a pilot product development project to teach engineering students the principles of universal engineering design by Natalie Hambalek According to Dr. Farid Faramand, universal design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible. Teaching universal design principles allows students to better understand assistive technologies which promote design that are usable by a wide variety of people for a wide range of applications. ES 110 students design a simple electro-mechanical ball throwing machine to assist students with physical disabilities. Using the product, children with special needs become engaged in group physical activities while improving their peer interaction and social skills. Since there is no...

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NonProfitEasy: Locally Developed Relationship Management Software

NonProfitEasy: Locally Developed Relationship Management Software Guest columnist: Grayson James, Petaluma BountyEngaging our community and cultivating meaningful relationships with our organization's friends, supporters, volunteers, donors, members, and partners is central to any nonprofit organization's success. In today's connected world, it's important to manage a wealth of information about various stakeholders, and be able to access that information instantly, from anywhere. Our organization was spending countless staff and volunteer hours each week navigating between several applications, yet several critical things couldn't efficiently be accomplished...and we weren't alone....

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Cultivating a Classroom Garden

Cultivating a Classroom Garden With any conventional garden comes a few plants, some flowers, a vegetable or two and usually some pesky weeds poking up beneath the dirt. But what the SSU campus garden has that few other gardens provide is state-of-the-art picnic tables aligned just so for optimum ergonomic comfort. Their presence in the garden is meant to welcome whole classes of students during the academic school year. Garden coordinator Frederique Lavoipierre has a wide range of influence on various sustainability initiatives...

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