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Changes at JUMP: Goodbye Jodi and Welcome Genevieve

Changes at JUMP: Goodbye Jodi and Welcome Genevieve by Merith Weisman "One of the reasons I was attracted to this position is not only the programs JUMP provides to students, but the strong connection between JUMP and the service-learning opportunities provided through the CCE. I can't wait to get started!" And we here at the CCE are excited to work with her too." Genevieve is thrilled to join the SSU Associated Students staff as the Community Service Coordinator for Join Us Making Progress (JUMP). Genevieve joins JUMP after completing a Masters in Higher Education at the University of Denver and working for two years as a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Campus Activities. Genevieve...

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Shadow Day V

Shadow Day V p>By Chirelle McCorley "Today, I used critical thinking skills to advocate the the importance of continuing your education by coming to Sonoma State University," said David Suits, an FYE freshman. Hopes were high on this rainy day. After weeks of planning and collaboration the day was here. It was Shadow Day 2012! At 9am students from Roseland University Prep (RUP) began to arrive. They walked across the campus to the Student Union where they waited to find their group...

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