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Shadow Day 2013

Shadow Day 2013 by Taylor Bonilla"Connections were made that day between us and our students, and I know from here on out if they need someone to talk to, the mentors they met on Shadow Day will be there. I recommend everyone to at least take a service-learning class while at SSU. I'm really glad that I was able to be a part of this project," said SSU student Kailyn Finley. Every spring semester, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) hosts Shadow Day, an event in which junior students from Roseland University Prep (RUP) visit Sonoma State University (SSU) for the day to shadow a college student. This year, SSU students who enrolled in University 222 served as mentors to RUP students for a day. RUP students...

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Discovery Day 2013

Discovery Day 2013 By Jenny Mangandi "Discovery Day was a huge success and I really enjoyed the whole day...The scavenger hunt allowed me to practice the leadership skills learned throughout the University 222 course. I learned a lot about Patrick, Brandon and Pablo, their goals, hopes, and expectations in college. It really shocked me. It was an eye opening experience," saysSonoma State University(SSU) student Michael McGee. Lindsey Sotomayor stated that, "The high school students I was matched up with were fun and very...

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Dreams of Peace

Dreams of Peace Reading this stack of hundreds of papers from 2008-2011 made me think, what does peace really mean?I reviewed several years' worth of free write papers from first-year students at Sonoma State University. Since I am also a first year at Sonoma State, my supervisor asked me to take on this assignment. The students were asked "What is your 'American Dream'? Can you achieve it in a world with no peace?"My American Dream is to become a Radiation Therapist, but I...

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