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Small Acts Make Big Differences

Small Acts Make Big Differences by Taylor BonillaTaylor Bonilla, Jacob Mermell, Professor Cynthia Boaz, Osvaldo Quinonez, Micah McCarverI have been working at the Center for Community Engagement since the fall of 2010. Learning the responsibilities and duties that this office tackles enlightened me in the CCE's mission, which I have been working hard to contribute to. Working for the CCE, not only did I find service-learning to be valuable to students in the classroom, but also valuable to the community at-large. However, I was never able to experience the benefits firsthand because...

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What is Community Engagement?

What is Community Engagement? Hello world! Thank you for checking out the first blog post of the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at Sonoma State University (SSU). When we launched our twice annual e-newsletter we received many kind and supportive calls and emails -- and many requests for more news. That's why we launched this blog.It seems only fitting for our first post to explore the meaning of our name -- the SSU Center for Community Engagement. What is "community engagement," anyway? Community Engagement[1]...

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