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“The time I spent volunteering ended up shaping my career; the relationships I built serving as a volunteer counted as references in the future.”
—Shana Friedman’05, ‘10

SSU students at a table

Careers for the Common Good

ResearchOpens in new tab.shows that students who participate in service-learning greatly increase the chances that a student will pursue a nonprofit or governmental career. Whether you choose to work for a charity, social justice organization, environmental group, start your own community organization or run for public office, you will make a living and difference in your career for the common good.

And, there are jobs in the nonprofit sector! According to the
Independent SectorOpens in new tab. nonprofits employ 13.5 million individuals, or approximately 10% of the country's workforce. To provide a comparison, more people work in the sector than in the finance industry, including insurance and real estate, combined. Employees of nonprofit organizations account for 9% of wages paid in the U.S. in 2009, and the nonprofit sector paid $668 billion in wages and benefits to its employees.

So, what are you waiting for?

More websites with local job postings (San Francisco, Bay Area, North Bay):

  • Young Nonprofit Professionals NetworkOpens in new tab.- Network is based in and around San Francisco, and has loads of information on nonprofit organizations and job postings. Also has a listserv where job postings are send out every day.
  • Craig's ListOpens in new tab.-- Website is an online community based on cities - has everything including job listings to housing to selling & buying items to personals.
  • Volunteer Center of Sonoma CountyOpens in new tab.-- Local volunteer center - has few job listings but lots of connections to local non-profits. Also offers many training opportunities on topics related to nonprofits.

More websites with California job postings:

  • Opportunity NocsOpens in new tab.-- A leading source of nonprofit jobs and career opportunities.
  • IdealistOpens in new tab.-- The most comprehensive web site for working in the non-profit fields: nationwide job listings, tips on resumes, interview ideas, and other career information.
  • Nonprofit OysterOpens in new tab.-- Offers a venue for employers to post low-cost high-functionality nonprofit-related job listings, and for jobseekers to post their resume online for employers to find.

Other websites with Non Profit job postings and resources:

  • Charity ChannelOpens in new tab.-- Charity Channel is a resource that connects you to your nonprofit colleagues across town, across the country, and around the world.
  • Chronicle of PhilanthropyOpens in new tab.-- Nonprofit job listings (by position and field), news, and advice.
  • Community Career CenterOpens in new tab.-- Search for jobs in the nonprofit sector by a variety of criteria.
  • Deep SweepOpens in new tab. -- A large selection of jobs postings and the country's leading Nonprofit Job Board.
  • EJobsOpens in new tab.-- Links to environmental opportunities in the USA and Canada. Employment includes careers such as nature and wetlands scientists, GIS, technicians, chemists, earth sciences / geologists, policy and law, wildlife conservation, planning, education, wastewater treatment and operations, program and project management, natural resources, etc.
  • The Foundation CenterOpens in new tab.-- A gateway to Philanthropy on the web.
  • GuideStarOpens in new tab.-- National database of US charitable organizations searchable by geographic area and population served.
  • Independent Charities of AmericaOpens in new tab.-- Links to over 400 charitable organizations across the US.
  • National Center for Charitable StatisticsOpens in new tab.-- Information about non-profit organizations.
  • The New Social WorkerOpens in new tab.-- Information, jobs, graduate schools & links to websites relating to Social Work.
  • Nonprofit Career NetworkOpens in new tab.-- Search for jobs in the nonprofit arena by position-type and location.
  • Nonprofit Jobs CooperativeOpens in new tab.-- A collaboration of nonprofit management centers providing a one-stop source for jobs.
  • Nonprofit Jobs-Philanthropy Journal OnlineOpens in new tab. -- Online philanthropy journal; search jobs by region, title, and field of interest.
  • The Nonprofit TimesOpens in new tab.-- The leading business publication for non-profit management.
  • Partnership for Public ServiceOpens in new tab.-- The place to look for federal government jobs - may want to look at specific agency's web sites as well.

Salary Websites:

  • Salarysite.comOpens in new tab.– The largest independent online resource for career salary information.
  • Occupational Outlook HandbookOpens in new tab.– Part of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it provides information on salaries in different areas of the country.
  • JobStarOpens in new tab.– All around resource for job searching; has a section on non-profit salaries.
  • Salary.comOpens in new tab.– Gives benchmark salaries and advice.