Bob Corey's Photos

Before he passed away I asked a family friend and award-winning photographer Bob Corey if he would be willing to share some of his photographs of wildlife. Bob lived in the great Central Valley of California--what Jerry Haslam of SSU calls "The Other California." Bob got back to me with a dozen slides of various birds that he has photographed in Stanislaus County. I have enjoyed the photos and I hope that you do too.

Other than cropping all of the photos for economical presentation purposes, none of the dozen slides have been altered in any way.

You can view the images in one of two ways. Either follow the text links below to go directly to the jpegs or take this link to the thumbnails.  The jpegs range in size from 78k to 156k.

In memory of you, Bob!

Copyright © 1997 by the late Bob Corey. All rights reserved. To request permission to reproduce these in any form contact P. Jackson, Dept. of Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA 94928.

Black-necked stilt (Male)

Santa Fe Grade Road

April 1990

(117 k)

California quail (male)

Don Pedro Canyon

July 1992



Don Pedro Lake

July 1991

(78 k)

Greater yellowlegs

Oakdale Park

September 1990

(78 k)

Mute swans

McHenry Park, Modesto

March 1992


Red-tailed hawk, adult

Sonora Road

January 1991

(59 k)

Double-crested cormorant

Oakdale Park

September 1990

(78 k)

Great blue heron (on nest)

Christman Island

April 1991

(156 k)

Greater egret

Christman Island

May 1991


Killdeer at nest

Creekside Golf Course


(117 k)

Turkey Vulture

2-Mile Bar

October 1991


Long-billed dowitcher

Turlock Lake

March 1994


Permission to use this photo granted to Bryan Phillips at,

December 12, 2005.


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A bald eagle along Cache Creek (unknown photographer)