Depth Psychology: MA Program


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Art Work

Megan Ingrassia, Transformation through the Reconciling Symbol, March 2010

Megan Ingrassia, Art Opening 2010

Monique Aguerre, IASD Dream Art Exhibition, Grand Prize, 2007

Monique, IASD Art Exhibition 2007 Monique Accepts Grand Prize, IASD 2007 Sonoma

Nanci Haines, Knowing Inanna, January, 2006, Warren Auditorium

Nanci Diamond Gestures

Naci Diamond Legs Up

Nanci Diamond Hanging

Nanci Diamond Prays

Sissa Nelson Harris

Sissa Nelson Harris Mask

Poems by Rachel McKay

Vibrant, alive, in
the dark Mary holds her hands
open, her red heart.

Two toms move as one
tails spread like Geisha´s fans. Hens
eat, impressed? I am.

In spite of it all
trees bloom, water sings, time sits
still moving onward.