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CTC Accreditation

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    The revised educator preparation accreditation system is designed to focus on the demonstrated competence of California's educators. The system features ongoing data collection and a 7-year cycle of activities, including at least one site visit. The Commission's Committee on Accreditation can determine at any point if program intervention or assistance is needed. Success of the accreditation system is measured by the continuing viability of programs that produce effective educators for California's students.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Continuous data collection, periodic site visits and focused intervention ensure ongoing program accountability and educator competence.
  • QUALITY: Consistent adherence to program quality standards and candidate performance maintains educator preparation program quality.
  • STANDARDS: Educator preparation programs demonstrate how the state requirements and program standards are met. Standards are aligned with California's K-12 Student Academic Content Standards and designed to prepare effective educators for the state's diverse population.
  • ONGOING IMPROVEMENT: Analysis of data based on candidate competence is applied to ongoing program improvement and accreditation decisions.
  • BIENNIAL REPORTS: Educator preparation programs collect data on candidate competence and report the results electronically every other year of the cycle. Reports are reviewed by Commission staff and reported to the Committee on Accreditation.
  • PROGRAM ASSESSMENT: The program sponsor reports on indicators of candidate competence such as performance on assessments and feedback from employers. The report also includes program updates and provides a data-based rationale for any program changes. Reports are reviewed by trained educators with expertise in the credential area, are summarized by staff, and then reported to the Committee on Accreditation.
  • SITE VISITS: All data are provided to a trained team of evaluators. Team members provide expertise in credential areas. Site visits also include in-depth interviews of graduates, candidates, employers, and program faculty and administrators. Accreditation recommendations are made by the team for final action by the Committee on Accreditation.

Source: "Accreditation System Summary" www.ctc.ca.gov, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. 2007. September 27, 2011.