Student Profiles: Educational Leadership MA Archives

Wayne Street Jr.

By Russell Brackett on December 3, 2014 2:44 PM

Wayne Street, Candidate for the Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, received a Bachelor's of Arts degree in History from Sonoma State University as well as 
Multiple and Single Subject Credentials from Chapman University. He has been a 
Social Studies teacher at Petaluma High for the past 13 years. Wayne is also an 
Educational Consultant and conducts on-site training with an emphasis in classroom management.

For his master's cognate project in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Wayne made a concerted effort to research and gain a deeper understanding of the Common Core State Standards, as well as to research effective practices in the process of adopting and changing his current classroom curriculum. The project also explored the attributes of leadership and steps that are necessary when implementing curriculum change.

Nicole Sabatier

By Russell Brackett on December 3, 2014 2:29 PM

Nicole Sabatier picture

Nicole Sabatier is married and a mother of two children. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor Degree and hoped to work in Elementary Education. Nicole then immediately went for a Multiple Subject teaching credential. After teaching elementary school for seven years she decided to go back to school at Sonoma State University for an Administrative Services Credential.

For her Educational Leadership master's cognate project, she decided to research what factors contribute to making a positive classroom, school, district and community culture. Nicole designed methods to create a more positive school culture through a series of classroom, school and community events. Collaborating with peers in the classroom and community on a variety of projects geared her school and community in a more positive direction.

Technology played a pivotal role in her efforts as she developed methods to impact and grow and nurture a healthy community culture in her district.

Molly Nagel

By Lina Raffaelli on October 23, 2013 3:15 PM

Molly Nagel with posterMolly Nagel was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County. She attended College of Marin and then Sonoma State in the 1970's where she earned a B.S in Psychology.

Early on Molly had an interest in teaching special education. Her mother was a SPED student who was very well-supported by her teachers growing up; Molly felt passionately about doing for others what they did for her mother, in catering to her special needs.

She worked for a family business for a long time, until the business closed and she was given the opportunity to pursue a new career path. She worked as a resource teacher and later became a full-inclusive SPED teacher at the high school level. She decided to further her education, and completed the SPED and Educational Leadership Master's program in May of this year.

Molly believes that great teachers can make a difference in the lives of children with significant learning disabilities. She wants to better understand how they learn, and believes every student can. She hopes to be able to teach fellow educators about inclusion and supporting students with disabilities. She also hopes to create professional development opportunities to help fellow Special Ed teachers.

She wants to convey that her experience at SSU has been wonderful. She has enjoyed her professors and teachers and feels very well prepared for the job. Specifically the program has bettered her understand of how people learn and how to modify curriculum to fit individual needs.