Faculty Committees

School of Education Graduate Studies Committee

About the Committee:

The Graduate Studies Committee monitors and oversees the Master of Arts in Education program for the School of Education, which includes serving as liaison to the rest of the graduate programs in the University, assessing and revising the program as needed and serving as communication link between and across departments in regard to the Masters Degree program.

Committee Roster:

Name Term Role
Paula Lane Fall 2013 through Spring 2016 Director of Graduate Studies and
LSEE Dept. Representative
Viki Montera Fall 2013 through Spring 2016 Educational Leadership Program Representative
Megan Taylor Fall 2013 through Spring 2016 CSSE Dept. Representative
Charles Elster Spring 2014 through Spring 2017 ECS Dept Representative
Jennifer Mahdavi TBD Special Education Rep. and Council of Chairs Liaison