Faculty Committees

School of Education RTP Committees

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Committee Rosters:

School of Education RTP Committee

Name Term Role
Johanna Filp-Hanke   ECS Department Representative
Kathy Morris
  LSEE Department Representative
Paul Porter   ELSE Department Representative
Karen Grady   CSSE Department Representative

LSEE Department RTP Committee

Name Term
Paula Lane
Fall 2015 - tbd
Paul Crowley Fall 2015 - tbd
Susan Campbell Fall 2015 - tbd

ELSE Department RTP Committee

Name Term
Emiliano Ayala, Chair Fall 2014 through TBD
Mary Dingle Fall 2012 through Spring 2015
Rheyna Laney 2013-2014 only

ECS Department RTP Committee

Name Term
Charles Elster, Chair Fall 2014-Spring 2016
Jennifer Mahdavi 2015-2016 only
Paula Hammett 2015-2016 only

CSSE Department RTP Committee

Name Term
Kelly Estrada Fall 2015- TBD
Jessica Parker Fall 2015- TBD
John Kornfeld Fall 2015 - TBD