Educational Technology Praxis (EDCT 552 - Marin) Fall 2013 | Dr. Jessica K. Parker

Requirements of Graduate Students in EDCT 552

Since this is a graduate-level course that has been revised and re-envisioned for a Marin community of educators, there are high expectations for students. Dr. Parker and her co-instructors believe that learning is inherently social and contextual and that graduate students must take ownership of their learning by engaging with and contributing to the course materials, collaborating with other students, and being open to new ideas.

The instructors will meet students where they are at technologically, but students have to be willing to take risks, fail, reflect, and try again. As instructors, our goal is to create a learning community dedicated to collaboration and collective intelligence, promoting problem-solving in the face of frustration, and measuring success in terms of personal reflection and carefully crafted plans of pedagogical action. This experimental course is a first of its kind at SSU and we are excited to learn from the students as well.

*We DO NOT believe there is a "right" answer for how to integrate educational technology across all learning environments. This course provides an opportunity to design and implement how to integrate educational technology across your specific learning environment.