Sonoma State's Multiple Subject Credential Program Requirements

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Basic Program and Structure

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The Multiple Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach in a self-contained classroom at the pre-school through twelfth grade level. A self-contained classroom is one in which a variety of subjects are taught to the same group of students by the same teacher. In addition to the standard elementary education curriculum, the Multiple Subject Program prepares candidates to provide instruction for English language development and specially designed academic content instruction in English. Multiple Subject Credentials are typically used for teaching in elementary schools or self-contained settings.

California and University Multiple Subject Credential Requirements

Basic Skills Requirement –There are currently two options available for Multiple Subject candidates to meet the Basic Skills Requirement.  This is a State mandated test designed to provide information about basic proficiency in reading, math, and writing skills required of all teachers. Please submit a photocopy of ONE of the following with your application:

*In addition to the above, it is recommended that you request scores to be sent directly to SSU when registering for these exams.

CSET: Multiple Subjects exams (consists of 3 subtests) - Candidates must provide verification that they have passed the "CSET: Multiple Subjects" exams to the credential program in order to meet the federal requirement for No Child Left Behind. Please submit a photocopy of your test scores directly to the Credentials Office.  It is also recommended that you indicate that SSU is approved to receive scores.

CSET test dates, test registration procedures and deadlines, and test score reporting dates are available at You can also contact the Credentials Office for this information. Plan to take the CSET exam no later than the July test administration for Spring admission and no later than the January administration for Fall admission.

BA/BS Degree-Individuals may apply to the Multiple Subject Credential Program if they have a Bachelor’s degree OR SSU senior status of 90 units toward graduation OR if integrated/blended student, prior to award of credential

Certificate of Clearance (or copy of previous CA credential)-file with application to the credential program. Clearance must be met for full program admission.

Negative T.B./Chest X-ray results-file with application to the credential program.

Legal Information Requirement –This requirement must be completed prior to applying to the program.

Course or exam in U.S. Constitutioncomplete prior to award of the credential

Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA) (Please be sure to indicate the SSU is approved to receive scores)– complete prior to award of the credential

Valid CPR card copy which covers Infant, Child and Adult CPR skills –complete prior to award of the credential

Cumulative 3.0 grade point average upon completion of all program courses: Individual passing grade is a “C” or better –includes prerequisites and program coursework

Teacher Performance Assessment(four-part evaluation embedded in program) –complete during credential program

Credential Program Units
Prerequisites, Co-Requisite 9
Phase 1 17
Phase 2 18
Total Units 44


Prerequisites and Corequisites
Course Number Units Course Title
EDUC 417 3 School and Society OR LIBS 312 (3) Schools in American Society
EDEC 420 3 Child Development in the Family, School & Community
OR LIBS 330 (3) The Child in Question
EDMS 470 3 Multicultural Pedagogy

Credential Program Outline

Phase 1
Course Number Units Course Title
EDMS 411 3 Teaching Second Language Learners
EDMS 463 3 Teaching Reading and Language Arts to Younger Students
EDMS 474 3 Mathematics in the Elementary School
EDMS 475 3 Science in the Elementary School
EDMS 476F 3 Participant Observation
EDMS 476S 2 Participant Observation Seminar


Phase 2
Course Number Units Course Title
EDMS 464 3 Teaching Reading and Language Arts to Older Students and Struggling Readers
EDMS 471 3 Teaching Social Studies in a Multicultural Society
EDMS 482F 10 Student Teaching
EDMS 482S 2 Student Teaching Seminar

Program: 44 Semester Units (including prerequisites)

All candidates completing fieldwork (participant observation or student teaching) in basic teacher education programs are required to carry professional liability insurance. Sonoma State University provides this insurance at no cost to the student.

* PLEASE NOTE: If you do not pass all three subtests of the CSET PRIOR to full admission into the Multiple Subject program, you can petition to be admitted under our special admissions policy. For more information on this option, please email the Credentials Office at:

**These prerequisite courses MUST be satisfactorily completed prior to beginning the program. If you believe you have completed comparable coursework, you may petition to substitute these requirements. For more information on the petition process please contact the Credentials Office at Please note: Taking these courses does not guarantee admission into the credential program.