Stipends and Reimbursements: During the 2008-2009 academic year, SMTRI distributed about $36,000 to students to pay for some of their credentialing costs (e.g., CSET costs, School Clearance--fingerprints, CBEST test costs, etc.). We allocated about $480 for each student who submitted the necessary paperwork and documentation. We hope to distibute a similar amount of funds to students next year but cannot commit to this until our budgets are approved and allocated (probably in August).

Some students wait until the last minute to submit their request for reimbursement funds, and in our experience, they forget or get too busy to meet our budgetary deadlines. Submit early with whatever documentation you have to get funds allocated to you. Contact Veronica Duarte to get started. Ms. Veronica Duarte, 707-664-3143,

Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE): The State of California has a financial incentive program that can help pay any student loans that you might incur while you are getting your science or mathematics credential. APLE funds are not loans, but payments to lenders who loaned you money to go to school. You would need to apply for and receive a regular student loan and then apply for the APLE to get it paid off. Visit the APLE website at: During the 2008-09 academic year students received payments up to $19,000 in payment to lenders. The amounts that are allocated depend on your subject area, the school where you are teaching, and how long you have been teaching. Students apply for the APLE forgivable loans while they are taking their credential courses. Interested students should contact the SSU office of Financial Aid. Students should also contact the Credentials Office (664-2832) about applying for the APLE loans. Sonoma State University has routinely applied for a large number of APLE teacher incentives. You can too. Apply early because these incentives are limited.

Knowles Science/Math Teaching Fellowships

The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation is recruiting for their Mathematics and Science Teaching Fellowships. The Science Dellowships support those who have a degree in a Physical Science (for example, Physics, Chemistry or Astronomy) or Engineering and are committed to teach high school Physics, Physical Science, Chemistry and/or Earth Science.  The Mathematics Fellowships support individuals with at least a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in mathematics.

Knowles Teaching Fellowships are applied for online at:
Email for more information: