SMTRI Recruitment Efforts

The main purpose of this project is to recruit, prepare and retain highly qualified science and mathematics teachers for our local secondary schools with the goal of doubling the number of highly qualified science and mathematics teacher candidates. Our efforts will be to recruit 30 teachers this year. To promote these efforts, we recruit at multiple entry points for the preparation program (High School , Junior College , Undergraduate , Post-Graduate and Re-entry points). We will tailor our recruitment efforts to the population targets. We will capitalize on existing recruitment efforts through the MESA programs, SSU recruitment office, and with other linking organizations. We will establish new and stronger contacts with the participants at local agencies to promote recruitment. For example, we envision sending representatives to the local high schools to speak to students in math and science classes about becoming teachers. We will invite MESA students and other high school students to campus to learn more about the science, mathematics, and education programs.

Pathways. One critical aspect of the recruitment efforts is the development of pathways for prospective teachers to follow to become teachers. The Mathematics Department and each science department at Sonoma State University have pathways for you to become a teacher. Mathematics majors may receive a waiver for some requirements. Science students will be prepared to take the CSET exams in their respective areas. To find the tests that you should take, scroll down to find the different single subject teaching areas. Contact the Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, or Mathematics Departments for specific course requirements.

Financial Support.In order to support students, this project will reimburse science and mathematics teacher candidates for part of their examination, clearances, and other credential costs. Once a student has been accepted into our program, they become eligible for the monies for that cohort group. Contact Veronica Duarte to see if you qualify for this money (email or phone 664-3436). Furthermore, we will provide assistance with applying for APLE grants, which help repay student loans. If you teach math or science in any California School you qualify. Check the APLE website for the latest on this. Our students have been highly successful in receiving these grants and we vigorously look for additional funds for students.

Cohort Groups. Undergraduate students are encouraged to take General Education classes that fulfill the requirements of the single subject credential program. Furthermore, we will support student future math and science teacher organizations with advisement and money for activities. At Sonoma State University we have freshman interest groups (FIGs ). We have one for teaching. Come join us. In the future, we will promote a MESA-like organization at the University Level.

High School Students

Graduate from high school and apply for a science or math program. You should complete a BA or a BS in one of the sciences or mathematics at Sonoma State University (visit the School of Science and Technology webpage ). The Mathematics Department has a special teacher waiver program that prepares students to teach mathematics (contact Dr. Ben Ford for advising). As you are completing your BA or BS, you should complete the credential program prequisites and take EDUC 250 to find out more about teaching. In your final year you should apply to the Sonoma State University Single Subject Program .

Junior College Students

In order to become a science or math teacher, you should speak with an advisor at your community college and let them know that you are interested in becoming a science or mathematics teacher. You will need to apply to a 4-year university like Sonoma State University where you should complete a BA or BS in one of the science or mathematics majors. Since Sonoma State University does not currently have a waiver program for any of the Science majors, it is important to contact the School of Education early to help advise you on the courses you should take for your credential program and to prepare to take the Subject Matter Test (CSET). While taking the major classes and electives, we recommend that you take EDUC 250, where you will have greater exposure to the teaching profession. In your final year you should apply to the Sonoma State University Single Subject Program .

Four Year University Student

If you are already at Sonoma State University or another four year university and you are interested in becoming a science or mathematics teacher, you should contact the School of Education and ask for advising. In general, you should complete your requirements for your Major as well as complete the prerequisites for the credential program. For mathematics, you should complete the teacher waiver program if possible. For each science area or department, we have developed a suggested list of courses for you to complete to prepare you for the credential program and future teaching (Geology/ Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.) In your final year you should apply to the Sonoma State University Single Subject Program .

Post Bac and Advanced Degree Candidates

Many science and mathematics graduates and holders of advanced degrees are returning to the university to seek their teaching credentials. If you hold a PhD in mathematics or in one of the sciences, then you have demonstrated sufficient knowledge of your content area that you do not need to take a test to demonstrate that knowledge. However, if you intend to teach in middle school or teach Physical or Life Science, there are additional content tests you need to take in order to get your full credential. If you have a BA, BS, MA or MS degree in science or mathematics, then you need to demonstrate your content knowledge with the CSET and complete the credential program requirements. Contact the School of Education--Project SMTRI (707-664-3115) and ask for someone who can advise you about these programs.