SONELI: Sonoma State University Educational Leadership Institute

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SONELI 2011-2012 Annual Report (PDF)


SONELI envisions P-12 schools, colleges and universities, community organizations, businesses, parents and students working together to consider innovative and proven solutions to support learning for ALL students.


The Institute supports systematic research-based change in our local P-16 educational community through continuous program improvement, collaboration and leveraging of resources in the San Francisco North Bay area. We expand upon what the Sonoma State University does best: explore ideas deeply and collaboratively, link practice and theory and take action.

Operating under the leadership of Sonoma State University School of Education, SONELI provides a unique opportunity for our community to work together for positive educational change.


Bring together educational leaders:

  • Convene a P‐16 Leadership Steering Committee of Sonoma State School of Education faculty and area educational leaders to serve as the education outreach vehicle in the San Francisco North Bay region.
  • Support and provide a space for researchers and graduate students to conduct research.
  • Develop leadership networks. Convene the latest educational thinkers and our area education leaders to consider innovations.

Collaborate with local school leadership initiatives:

  • Support and collaborate with county offices of education, school districts, teacher leaders, private and charter schools to support leadership initiatives.
  • Bring quality researchers and educational thinkers to speak to our local educational community about current school practices and support debate and discussion about these ideas.

Create sustainability and longevity:

  • Develop an ongoing, sustainable resource-base to fund the institute through public and private partnerships, collaborations and grants.
  • Provide a vehicle to recruit future leaders into Sonoma State University School of Education’s programs.

Doing what the university does best:

  • Provide opportunity for informed debate and discussion about educational initiatives.
  • Develop principle and theory based approaches to educational initiatives.
  • Utilize Sonoma State University School of Education faculty expertise to assist in addressing local educational challenges and opportunities.

    For more information about SONELI, please contact us at

    Carlos Ayala, Dean of Education
    Paul Porter and Greta Viguie, SONELI Co-directors