young confident woman standing with arms folded and caption reading I am a teacher.  I am an economic unit of one. I am an edupreneur.START UP YOUR CLASSROOM: Be an Edupreneur

Entrepreneurial education is a key aspect of 21st century learning and helps to actualize the kinds of skills our youth must have to succeed in school, in work, and in their daily lives; it is the application of critical thinking and adaptability; it is learning about responsible risk taking and problem solving using your most precious resource...yourself!   

What is an 'Edupreneur'?

An #edupreneur  is an educator who understands how the concepts and principles of entrepreneurial thinking can be integrated into education for the betterment of students. They realize that a new way of thinking about learning and life preparation must emerge in our schools where students, beginning at an early age, constantly invest in their own learning, look at risk differently, and align their inner passions with the economic and social realities of the world. 

Education and Business Learning Together

The days of the world of education and the world of business being seen as separate and even competing entities is gone.  There is so much that education can learn from business-based entrepreneurial thinking and there is so much that business can learn from education and philosophies of learning.  In fact just referring to these fields separately is, in itself, limiting and quite an outdated notion. Truly successful people understand their passions and talents and have the ability to see themselves as having unlimited potential.  At the same time they must align themselves to the realities of the world economically.  This course, and the Entrepreneurial Movement here at Sonoma State University , is striving to demonstrate the interdependency among education and business and create teachers and students ready to discover and integrate their dreams with economic realities.